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    guitar players hurt/heal

    allright same rules. hmm most of u probablly dont know them well ill right th band name next to them angus young (acdc) - 30 sinister gates (avenged sevenfold) - 30 jimmy page (led zeppelin) - 30 jimi hendrix (duh u should know this :lol:) - 30 Slash (guns n roses) - 30 joe perry (aerosmith) -...
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    anyone like nirvana?

    there were like 1 of the most coolist bands. wish kurt cobain didnt blow his brilliant mind up
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    Vexen and clone riku were horrible characters. but vexen is worse cuz atleast the clone riku looked cool
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    Black hoods

    but no org. member is mickeys size or has mickeys ears. Diz couldnt have taken the cloaks from the organization he had 2 have made them or somthin?:confused:
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    Does anyone have a 9 Ultima Weapon??

    i have a lvl 8 ultima card
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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    it was a good suprise since i was about 2 die and i had no magic so i swiched 2 master but it was finale and i kicked the dudes @$$.
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    Drive Forms!!!

    y did u make 2 topics of this and i have encountered this many times
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    i just noticed..

    hmmm........thats weird. nevr noticed that
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    Shouldn't Kingdom Hearts 2 be Kingdom Hearts 3?

    com was just made 2 hold u off till kh2 in my opinion
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    Is KH1 sora fake or is KH2 sora fake?

    hes older now isnt it ovious
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    Keyblade... when riku got that?

    maby they will explain it better in kh3
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    Kingdom Hearts: Finaly Beaten (With the secret ending!)

    congrats on 100th post Cloaked-Wielder and I thought the secret ending was 2 short.
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    What if KH2 took place in Nintendo Worlds!?!?!?

    did u notice that the nintendo people called there nintendo system a wii and there controlers ner (nintendo entertainment remote) put them together and its the nintendo wiiner. lol...............sory.
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    Where were the behemoths?

    too bad it was cut out though.
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    I feel so empty (cries) advice please?

    There r other games 2 play besides kh2 like final fantasy
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    is sora like gay or somthing?

    Ive been wondering because he hadnt seen kiri in a wile and once he finds her all he does is give her a handshake but when he finds riku he is like cryin his friken eyes out. it has realy been anoying me!:mad:
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    Video I made

    ........prety good vid (25 character rule):mad:
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    limited edition KH:GBA SP!

    woa......that is 1 pimped out sp. i want 1....leaves computer 2 get a flight 2 japan 2 go get 1
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    axel (may contain spoilers)

    ........it sucks that he died