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    Worlds for Birth By Sleep (From the previous games)

    For Pride Lands, Terra would most likely play with Mufasa, rather than Simba. Of course there's nothing Terra can do to protect Mufasa from getting killed by Scar :bored:
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    Worlds for Birth By Sleep (From the previous games)

    (I can only hope that I'm not reposting a thread. Too lazy to go and check myself :closedeyes:) Since the setting is ten years in the past I think these worlds are appropriate for the game: Deep Jungle: Young Tarzan, Turk, etc. Hollow Bastion Twilight Town Olympus Colosseum: Young Hercules...
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    Fanfiction ► Keyblade wars

    You may have spelt 'contest' wrong :thumbdown:
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts MM Side: The King's Story

    (The next chapter has both action and drama. You will like it if you liked the first chapter. I'm going to finish the chapter tomorrow probably, since I have a lot of work to do and then a dreaded class of driver's ed to go early in the morning to :bored:)
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts MM Side: The King's Story

    (I'm surprised this fic didn't get replies... Anyway, I should be done with the second chapter soon. However, I will probably stop posting the fic on this forum if I get no replies. :sleep:)
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts MM Side: The King's Story

    Stipulation: This story follows the background of King Mickey before, during, and after the events of the Kingdom Hearts series. I created this fan fic two years ago on this forum, which sadly got pushed back to the pages of the World that Never Was :blush:. A lot of the ideas were flawed, as I...
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    Fanfiction ► Guardian of Armagedon (The Frozen Wastelands)

    cool fic joe..i mean to hell and back :) YOU MUST WRITE MORE!!
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: MM Side

    Chapter 3 (Part 2) Change of Plans Kingdom Hearts, the added 100 pages in the Dream Book, the two island boys, and Ansem were all running through Mickey's head. "There's just gotta be clues to glue this whole mystery together," said Mickey. "If only I remembered my dream." Mickey was completely...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: MM Side

    Chapter 3: (Part 1)The Recollection Mickey saw that there was no where to run. A gigantic Darkside rose up. It was much larger than any Darksides Mickey had normally faced. "Diz?" asked Mickey to the Darkside. The Darkside then transformed into a man. The man was wrapped in red tapestry. He was...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: MM Side

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: The Mickey Mouse Story (I know that nobody's responding yet, but I'm gonna write one more chapter. If no one responds to that one, I'll have to quit continuing this story :( ) Chapter 2: Dark against Light? Mickey got in a fighting position. "Ansem. I know what you're up...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: MM Side

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: The Mickey Mouse Story (sorry these ones are kinda short but the next ones will be extremely lengthy)
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: MM Side

    Re: Kingdom Hearts: The Mickey Mouse Story (I already have my idea for Chapter 1 so I'm gonna start writing) Chapter 1: Exchanging Words King Mickey had a very long discussion with Ansem over dinner. "So this Keyblade holds tremendous power you say?" said Ansem. "You bet. And legend says...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: MM Side

    Kingdom Hearts: The Mickey Mouse Story (Here's the idea. The story is gonna be about King Mickey's part in Kingdom Hearts. It's basically everything that he does while Sora first gets the keyblade and fights the Heartless and everything after that. I hope you enjoy it. This first part is a few...
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    That 70s Show: When They Were Young

    If you like That 70s Show, join this thread. The idea is that there's everything about That 70s Show, except its set up in the past where Eric and the gang are in their early teens. Laurie's part is basically prostituting herself to teachers so she can pass her last years of high school...
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    Which path would you choose?

    If I could manipulate the darkness i would walk that path. Otherwise, the light seems so comforting( not the kind that washes you away and almost causes you to fade). The twilight would be too typical. Alot of people would choose the twilight, but there is so little they understand about it. Is...
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    Final Fantasy: The Togethering

    Here's the idea. Every character from some of the FF Games(mainly FF10) have suddenly been sent to a world that has basically, a jungle (on the west), a collesieum(at the north), and a castle(at the far east). The FF characters can be Squall, Tidus (becomes real), Cloud, Auron (brought back to...
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    Sora Never Came to Dinner

    That was harsh. I asked how would you react, I didn't honestly think it will happen.Relax, learn to read, and look again.
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    Sora Never Came to Dinner

    In KH1, you hear Sora's mom call Sora for dinner. Sora was out on the dock as the heartless were appearing. If you saw Sora's mom come up out of nowhere in the middle of like a boss battle in KH2 with Sora's dinner, how would you react. My jaw would drop, then I would laugh hysterically. Then...
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    Who is your favorite character

    KING MICKEY!!! he does those awesome yoda-like moves with his keyblade in that trailer
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    How come Riku doesn't have a keyblade after COM?

    Remember how in KH1 Riku surrendered his heart to the darkness, which made the keyblade go to Sora instead. I couldv'e sworn after i beat COM that Riku didn't choose the path of darkness, not to mention he tried to destroy all the darkness out of his heart. I need answers!