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    How long do you think it will take YOU to beat kingdom hearts bbs

    I think im gonna finish the plot in 4-5 Days , the whole game in 2 months .
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    Trinity Report Question

    No , wtf ! You have to finish the three scenarios , then you can play the last episode. You don't need to complete the Trinity Report.
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    72 New Battle Screens

    Yeah , two of these are german .It is a pity that the german get less attention than the italian or french .
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    72 New Battle Screens

    There are no German pictures. Do you know where I can find the German screens ?
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news...

    Thats so funny , are you sad ? I mean ..... Im sorry , but you can still buy it from england . Hahhaaa nub !
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    BBS collectors edition in Germany

    What did America do to deserve RE:CoM ?
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    New boss theory

    That would mean that everyone who dies is a nobody. So why is it Eraqus, why not some grandma from a city? I think it is Master Xehanorts Nobody .
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    BBS collectors edition in Germany

    I'm happy 'bout that , because i'm german , too . I dont understand , why people are overreacting .Just because we get it , we haven't even got RE:CoM .
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    No Joke: New Trailer Unveiled. (With mystery VA)

    Magic Wish has a different name. It is now called something with S and W
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    Jungle Book was going to be in BBS.

    Its the sword of Aquas Last epsiode . But im not sure .
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    Birth by Sleep Info! (Pre-order bonus and ad campaign)

    Nop . In Germany theres still hope for a German Synch . I think the German Synch is much better than the English Synch .
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    BBS rated E10+?

    Fortunately, I live in europe .
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    New Final Fantasy Characters for north American Version!!!

    Wow Thats cool . But i think its fake .
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    Old master?

    Right ! The Xehanort Report told us something like this . Xehanorts Place is DI Komisch , oder ? Der 3Teil der Saga wird cool sein .
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    Birth by Sleep Official PSP Theme

    Its very cool . I hope the other themes gonna be , Terra , Ven , Aqua and Vanitas .
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    Old master?

    Maybe Young Master Xehanort ...
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    Where is this from?

    i cant see it Warum nur ? Warum ?
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    The new Boss in the NA version of BBS...

    I think its gonna be a new Boss at ( or in , i dont knuw im german -.- ) the Mirage Arena Its IRON PRISINOR XXXXXXXXXXXVIII
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    The new Boss in the NA version of BBS...

    i think its gonna be a young master xehanort ..... or Soras Mama *-*
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    Trinity Report Trophies? HELP

    One Question ; If i played more than 80 hours , How do i get this trophi ? Thank you evry much ( and sry for my Bad english )