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  1. J

    Quinton Flynn recites Chain of Memories lines

    great find and i agree with slmcknett he was just pronouncing them they way he though they should be pronounced
  2. J

    Any one gotten a hold of Coded?

    i do not have it never will get it and to the people who do have it or will get it have fun it is going to be a great game
  3. J

    Re:CoM pushed back to March?

    Re: CoM pushed back to March? i doubt the chance are at this point about 5% not likely unless square just wants to piss us off
  4. J

    Clouds Sword

    i did not notice ether but now that i look at it yea they are I think they re bandaged to show the connection to FF7 because "use brings tare wear and rust and that is a wast"
  5. J

    Do nobodies age?!

    make perfect sense
  6. J

    KH II: Final Mix + Keyblades

    2 across is bad ass
  7. J

    Xion's Keyblade - or Roxas's?! [Discussion]

    .....i think she stole roxas keyblade , if she is karirs nobody then she has the ability to wild one which means she can wild any keyblade (riku stole soras in kh 1) so that is how it works
  8. J

    Sora says hollow bastion is familiar...

    great find never thought of that
  9. J

    2 questions about days trailer

    what mast said he met him then and most likely diz was asking her opinion
  10. J

    TAV's symbol?

    i bet it is the keyblade master emblem i mean heartless have 1 nobody,and unbirths too i guess it is just another emblem
  11. J

    RE: Chain of Memories release date?

    Re: Chain of Memories release date? yes it is it is on the kh re com page
  12. J

    ur org. name

    mine would be Xhousja
  13. J

    Axel kills Xion

    i think that is true because he dose try to kill roxas and he is the organizations assassin
  14. J

    Fix Xigbar for Days??

    Xigbars voice was kick ass especially compared to xaldins xaldin pissed me off the whole time
  15. J

    A possible reason as to why the POH in BBS did not age?

    i say they age but do not show it or they look really young and do not look old for a long period of time ....then again this is Disney, and Square anythings possible they could say a talking mouse could live a long time see one kid then see his double and not even say anything
  16. J

    roxas+venn wristband

    best theory i have heard in a long time (hobbit and girl part)
  17. J

    KH2 final mix +

    it is not sorry maby you should order it online thats what i did
  18. J

    Action Replay Max on KHII

    i got mine at my local gamestop get it at eb games
  19. J

    New 358/2 days screens (I think)

    no they have not khi only shoed hafe of them almotss the whole 2ndand 3rd pages are new
  20. J


    i liked it i areeded with it which never happenes good job