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    kh2 poster

    If it takes you 2 minutes to post that much text, rofl ...Yea...Those aren't really blured out, it's just the guys listed above (P.S:I have been away from KH Insider for a long time...Atleast the KH2 forum and the news...so i dont know much updates on the characters and stuff)
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    Controller Problems with KH2?

    Yea.. and nice sig tender. But uh, maybe they made it to where you click down on the analog stick to switch through enemys.. like you click down and push it to the left... you switch to the enemy to the left... or you read it wrong.
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    I'm Looking For A Twilight Oathkeepr&Oblivion

    I will pay exactly 550,000 gil to whomever will get me the Twilight Oathkeepr & Oblivion 500,000 gil for the blade and 50,000 gil for getting it for me
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    Join Warriors Of The Light

    Well im a new memeber in the rpg, and i just made a clan, and im looking for members to join it, payments are unknown just yet! please join up i'd like to make a great clan :)
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    what ff character would u like to see on kh2

    its Zidane ;), and i guess i would like to see Rinoa& Seifer from Final Fantasy VIII, and Tidus(grown up), Yuna (grown up), & Pain (grown up of course) from Final Fantasy X in the game
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    *New Combo Moves*

    yes, that is intrigueing.. lol, to bad there isnt a video of them doing it.. oh well, i dont want want to spoil it for myself
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    Other Final Fanatsy X characters?

    i know Auron is going to be in KH2
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    BKH in KH?

    hmm..that is intresting... which it is possible, just maybe..
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    just beat it

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    Sora and BHK...brothers?

    i dont know... it sounds possible
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    Atlantica????? NOOOOOOOOOO.....

    yea, i wonder what the storys in all the other planets are gonna be...
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    ultamicia >.< that would be insane, i also hope Cloud reappears, heh i love Cloud and Seph there so awesome, well thx anyway guys
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    i dont know if there was a thread for this or not, i didnt check so if there is sorry... does anybody know if Sephiroth will make an appearance in KH2? thx
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    Atlantica????? NOOOOOOOOOO.....

    yea atlantica ed me off so much, and the Tarzan world was AWESOME, in atlantica you cant even use summons .. thats some bull shat there, and couldnt use arc arcaum which is like one of my most favorite moves even tho it does consume 3 mp bars ^_^
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    Furry Sora?

    ewww that would be ridiculously STUPID (if he was an animal on land, sora...a lion.. or a gazelle ::roflmfao::
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    what would u call the BHK

    hmm i dont know i'd just call him BHK cuz thats what he's been called for so long, but i guess like Seno? heh just popped into my head...after 8 minutes
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    Sora's age

    yea hes 15
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    Check this out!!!!!!!

    yea that would be pretty coo, hmm
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    new keyblades

    id say 32, im pretty sure they are gonna make this..cuz i dont see why not.. a Mulan Key Blade, that like the normal keyblade's that big handle are some really REALLY detailed golden dragons on it and stuff, very chinese ^_^
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    what is sora?

    its like Star Wars >.< Sora-Light BHK-Twilight Riku-Dawn i dont know, hmm