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  1. KH2Rulz

    Things We Know from the Unreal Engine Trailers

    Sorry, I'm too lay to quote individual parts - I'll just comment down here :D Dodge Cancelling Dodge-cancelling means that Sora can end an attack animation by dodging. For example, in KH2, you must finish your attack animations. You can't interrupt Guard Break or Explosion, and if an enemy hits...
  2. KH2Rulz

    Things We Know from the Unreal Engine Trailers

    Good analysis. Other things: 1. Dodge-cancelling seems pretty much confirmed. In the newest D23 trailer, we see some dodge-cancelling during Tangled worlds, and we've seen it previously during the short Hercules feature before the 2017 D23 trailer (where Sora's fighting in front of the...
  3. KH2Rulz

    Birth By Sleep 0.2: Some items were unavailable during battle?!

    You can only use a certain number of items in one battle. I can't remember the exact number but it's something like three in Critical. After that, they lock you out of items. It's Aqua's 'inventory' so to speak.
  4. KH2Rulz

    Why I can no longer play Dream Drop Distance, and fear I may not be able to play KH3

    Just curiously, I know some TVs have the option of locking a show back down to 30fps (or 24fps). I think it's sometimes called Theatre Mode or similar. Does that work for the PS4 output?
  5. KH2Rulz

    0.2 BBS NO DAMAGE bosses impossible

    Don't block. Dodge instead. The secret boss has great design. It's the best designed boss Osaka has made and it's entirely possible to No Damage that fight on Exp Zero. I should also add that it's entirely possible to predict when to block and when to dodge (teleport slashes are telegraphed by...
  6. KH2Rulz

    [SPOILER] KH2.8 discussion

    As someone playing through another Lv1 KH2FM run, this is how Critical should be >:D
  7. KH2Rulz

    Tetsuya Nomura interview in forthcoming Famitsu (Jan 12th)

    I'm always confused at what people have been waiting 10 years for. Is it a continuation to the KH2 story? We got that. We know what the letter says. We know who the three knights are. We know who the shadowy figure and friend are. We know what Xemnas was after in Castle Oblivion. We even know...
  8. KH2Rulz

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 official site updates with screenshots and renders

    I wish they rolled the camera back a bit in DDD. I'm guessing it was necessary for the 3DS to have the camera close-up (environment streaming?) but I'm sure the PS4 can handle it better. As 'impersonal' as it was, I much prefer KH2's zoomed out camera. Maybe they could even just zoom the...
  9. KH2Rulz

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 0.2 BBS Secret message in the song!

    Eh... It's nearly impossible for words to sound like words when reversed phonetically so anything that sounds like a normal sentence (i.e. not like Sanctuary's weird noises that are actually reversed sounds) is incredibly unlikely to be a secret message when reversed. Most people just hear what...
  10. KH2Rulz

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Trailer Featuring KH3 Footage!

    That 'Shotlock' appears to be a Keyblade Transformation. So are the attacks with the Star Seeker. It turns into a Claymore-like sword, a Rifle and a Cannon. So far, it looks promising in that it's not a BBS command style - it's much more fluid in its transformations. The dodge looks like Slide...
  11. KH2Rulz

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Trailer Featuring KH3 Footage!

    It better have the best gameplay in the series! Luckily, it seems to be following the KHII mold fairly closely, so it does look to be shaping up amazingly =)
  12. KH2Rulz

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Trailer Featuring KH3 Footage!

    Made some pics of the different transformations you can see in the trailer: Album Interesting that the transformations are very fluid. It's very encouraging that it's not going to be like BBS' style forms.
  13. KH2Rulz

    Returning to the Command Menu

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUZteAoN3ew This video by Bizkit047 (one of the best, if not the best, KH players in the world) perfectly illustrates why I'm glad we are returning to the Command Menu. It's also a reason why I'm slightly worried that Team Osaka is helming KH3. However, I'd...
  14. KH2Rulz

    New Gameplay Footage - Notre Dame World & Mini-Boss Fight

    Wow, epic gameplay vids. I think it's interesting that touching Dual Link activates Bladecharge, and it uses up the purple gauge of Riku's allies. But... The weird thing is, after the purple gauges run out, Riku still stays in Bladecharge for a while. Also, I'm fairly sure the purple gauges...
  15. KH2Rulz

    The BHK...is Sora's nobody?

    What I think is that when Sora turned into a heartless in Hollow Bastion, he left a part of himself behind. Like, the light or something like that. That part is the BHK. I think thaT was what the Unknown meant when he said "Yours was a special birth" because he didn't really get born the normal...