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    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    Can you change the symbol in this wallpaper http://www.khinsider.com/images/BirthBySleep/BirthBySleepWallpaper3.jpg into keyblade like kingdom key,oblivion, oathkeeper etc. Thank you!
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

    I don't know if anyone know this but the latest bleach (if i spelled it correctly) game on psp will release a chinese version of the game by SCEH (Sony Computer Entertaiment Hongkong) and the chinese version will release in febuary 2010 . Do you think SCEH will translate kh bbs into chinese ? (I...
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    Kingdom Hearts Coded

    Sorry if someone posted it before ,do you think kh coded will remake into gaming console like psp or ds just like how they create psp minis or dsi ware game ?(because making games for phone doesn't have much profit anyway 500 Yen for one episode)
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    just want to know

    Just want to know how many people here in khinsider have what kind of gaming console i have a psp and a nds (i just buy psp last month and not so get used to it). Edit: (forgot to add gameboy advance)
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    Another scans from Dengeki magazine

    i wish i can play kh bbs right now
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    keychains finally in bbs

    to me the keychains are just weird ancient symbols
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    they should make kh2 on other platforms like psp and ds

    there is nothing wrong about making it to other platform it just too late i guess remaking it now
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    they should make kh2 on other platforms like psp and ds

    they can remake it like final fantasy 1 or 2 from sfc to gameboy from gameboy to psp or ds to make extra profit
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    keychains finally in bbs

    Finally terra,aqua,and ventus keyblade have keychain i think nomura just design the chain not long ago and he add in this latest famitsu magazine http://www.khinsider.com/images/BirthBySleep/famitsu_091210_01-02.jpg
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    they should make kh2 on other platforms like psp and ds

    i would like kh2 on psp i know you guys are doing fine with it but i don't have ps2 i only have psp
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    Senario Plan

    i never thought i can play bbs like COM
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    Coded Ep 6 Playthrough (Spoilers)

    i think all of this will be end after the release of bbs
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    New Picture Of Braig.

    Re: New Picture Of Briag. I love every single character in kingdom hearts so don't have much more opinion about character
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    New Picture Of Braig.

    Re: New Picture Of Briag. i think ven fight with briag somehow and then he got his scar maybe because ven use his keyblade and smash briag acidently (if this contain any spoilers sorry about that and sorry about my english)
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    Terra's Second Keyblade?

    changing form i guess this is what we do in kh2
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    Terra's Second Keyblade?

    we play kingdom hearts because the story and the battle system is intersting and the weapon keyblade we always change our keyblade to more powerful keyblade so it means more powerful to terra,aqua and ven
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    Terra's Second Keyblade?

    yeah i agreed lets wait till bbs release
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    Terra's Second Keyblade?

    terra,aqua and ven are very busy chasing each other in bbs how come they have time to pass the exam sorry if all of this contain spoilers
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    Terra's Second Keyblade?

    it just like every single kingdom hearts changing keychain new keyblade and all the normal thing you can do in kingdom hearts
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    Vanitas's voice actor Sora or Riku

    This is what we called voice acting