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  1. Oathkeeper512

    Day 322

    Great find. Between this and the whole riku replica thing I feel the the word vessel has a deeper meaning in the KH games.
  2. Oathkeeper512

    Keyblade Wielders of Light

    Re: 7 Keyblade Wielders of Light There's a thread discussing the possibilities of who the wielders of darkness are.
  3. Oathkeeper512

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    Has it been confirmed that Terra will fight siding with darkness? I would be surprised if he isnt "rescued" or "brought back" from the Xehanort form by Sora, Riku and the gang, and if he was to be brought back why would he turn around and fight for the darkness? Plus, if he was "dark" (which he...
  4. Oathkeeper512

    Keyblade Wielders of Light

    For the 7 wielders of light there's Mickey, Riku, Sora TVA, and as the secret ending obviously revealed, Kairi. But where does Lea fit in? He too can wield a keybladeand he's not on the side of light i guess, seeing as there are alredy 7 wielders. So will he fight for thre darkness? Just a thought.
  5. Oathkeeper512

    GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Revealed!

    Im pre ordering from gamespot just so i can put these decals on my snowboard :)
  6. Oathkeeper512

    New July Trailer!

    Ok, i didnt read all the replies so i dunno if i'm the only one to notice this. But at the end of the trailer it said coming 10/09/10. Isnt the release date for septemeber and not october? Whatsup with this?!
  7. Oathkeeper512


    Hi everyone, i havent been on the forums in forever so i was wondering if Vanitas's VA was confirmed to be Haley Joel Osment?. I watched the E3 trailer and it sounds just like him (in an evil voice) but i wasnt sure.
  8. Oathkeeper512

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    This is my first visit to the furums in awile: so if this had already been posted i apologize. But i was on youtube the other day and i watched the kh bbs secret endings. And from what i could tell it looks like there is a new KH game coming out. The secret ending showed Aqua talking with ATW...
  9. Oathkeeper512

    What if days did hint at something?

    Hes some kind of a pawn of the darkness. Most likely one of xehanorts darkest memories or something like that.
  10. Oathkeeper512

    Ages of Org's somebodies

    Re: Ages of Org's somebody's My guess, is that once someone is a nobody they dont age. But when they are turning into a nobody they age during the (short) process.
  11. Oathkeeper512

    Are Isa and Lea brothers

    Very happy you brought this up, is was thinking the same thing. Either that or close childhood friends in my opinion.
  12. Oathkeeper512

    Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! [TRAILER RELEASED]

    Re: Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! I, along with i think everybody else, is wikd happy they confirmed Lea in BBs! Without him i think the game would've disappponted some people.
  13. Oathkeeper512

    Best 358/2 Days boss fight

    The Final Boss fight with Riku is ABSOLUTELY tops for me.
  14. Oathkeeper512

    Fantasia in BBS?

    As cool as it would be for a fantasia world to be in BBs i doubt it will be. Theresonly a few weeks till the game releases and it most likely would have already been confirmed. As for the water Mickey is traveling through it could be located most anywhere. As someone already said it's...
  15. Oathkeeper512

    Disney Castle in KH1

    What the first guy said. (sorry but idk how to type your name lol). Also because theres no story tht wood make sense to have Disney castle in Kh1. Like, what could you really do there? Nothing really significant that i oould think of.
  16. Oathkeeper512

    Terra and the Lingering Sentiment

    Im a believer that Terra became Xehanort. Therefore, and this has been brought up before: i think the lingering the Lingering Sentiment is terra's keyblade and maybe his armor acting on its own.
  17. Oathkeeper512

    End of the World = Enchanted dominion?

    Ok, so in KH1 the End of the World is the heartless home world. Heartless are the creatures that are the dark part of people's hearts, and heartless are formed when a person submits to the darkness in their heart. The End of the World and TWTNW go hand in hand: TWTNW is pretty much the nobody...
  18. Oathkeeper512

    Olympus Colliseum

    So today i was replaying KH2 and i was on the second visit to Olympus Colliseum. Hades was using a statue tht i think was pretty much aurons heart to control him, so Auron would fight Hercules. Sora sees this and tells Herc about the statue and Herc says this sounds familiar. So i was thinking...
  19. Oathkeeper512

    Rage Awakened

    Yeah thatd b sick! its a great action song, not as good as vim and vigor though. And Fate of the unknown and vim and vigor cant b beat lol
  20. Oathkeeper512

    Vanitas Identity

    Ehh... i dont like this theory. I'm a believer of Terra becoming the Xehanort we see in KH/KH2. U could be right though it does seem like a very logical theory..