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    Sora is Hotter

    people come on hes an animated digital computer character. but hes cool but not cooler then riku
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    Which KH Theme Song you like better?

    i would have to say both are great the simple and clean song is longer then the other but i voted for Hikari.
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    sora vs riku who will win?

    there both awesome sora has the power and riku got the moves i would hope for a draw but if i had to choose i would say riku he just looks cooler
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    Most used move in the game?

    i would have to say srike raid and sonic blade they really help against sephirothe and his long distance attacks. also the ability in fm that lets you perform spells and not be interupted
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    stories in kh2

    bhk you know blonde haired kid know one knows his true name they've kept it a good secret
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    What do you think that the final world will be?

    i think it will be at deep dive the trailer shows a showdown with an unknown and sora. or the place where sora was facing the giant army of heartless it has to be this there was like two behemoths
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    Where will KH2 start in?

    youll probably start off as bhk traveling through twilight town uncovering his connection to sora and learn the game then they'll probably switch to sora at castle oblivion
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    Unnamed XIII Order Member Appearances

    mickey is found both in twilighttown and hollowbastion there does that end the arguement GOD IDIOT
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    stories in kh2

    has anyone wondered if possibly there are two stories one is bhk and the other is sora and when you begat both ir t unlocks the rest of the story when they meet. just a thought lots of games are doing that lately
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    Diz is not Amsem

    he is supposedly the shell of ansem when ansem discarded his body to obtain darkness
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    Namine or Kairi

    kairi since she saved sora
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    actually there are 6 two with riku two in destiny island one beginning one after darkside then the two at the complete end of the game
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    What Level??!!

    which one the first im not that sure but it doesnt have to be high the second one i was at 75 with good cards and elixer and ethers
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    sora and kairi or sora and namine

    kairi was actually at traversa town when sora locked kh so im not sure maybe maybe not
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    favorite party member

    riku hands down i love his soul eater blade
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    Need help on KH:CoM

    people come on is he really that hard i did get stuck on him but for only about two days just level up your cp and put good cards with awesome sleights and lots of cures for when your about one hit from dying and possibly a potion to bring back the cures
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    darkness because of how mysterious it is rock on darkness yeah
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    White Heartless in KH2

    no ones exactly sure but hopefully we will find out right now we do know they obey the organization
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    White Heartless in KH2

    they are referred to as the nobodies or the non-excistent ones there sort of like the organization. they are thought to also possibly be an enemy between light and darkness twilight
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    Who would be a worthy Final Boss?

    some new enemy with thepower of light and darkness a twilight enemy