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    From SE: New VA's; USA pics; Release date

    and with this news... you would think the north american se kingdom hearts page would be updated.. UM NOT... still the same old message saying that it was just launched... dont these people think to update things?
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    A Drive Form Glitch?

    the dark form... or anti-form as it is being called is a penalty for driving too much... its also not a glitch. At first the dark form is very powerful... but later after it happens a few times it gets difficult to control and you start losing items such as potions and stuff
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    All The Keyblades

    not impossible... just hard... it cant be impossible or it wouldnt be put in the game lol
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    KHII Japanese Manual Scans

    Xal... yet again... you are the king of getting info
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    Asem's Other Report 7

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    i just beat kh2! i have proof

    congrats.... ps... dont be mean...its an achievement
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    A Drive Form Glitch?

    i said this in the main kh2 forum... it is not a glitch... it is there to keep the game in real time... sort of like how Sora holds the keyblade that he is currently using in all the cutscenes. So to keep the game realistic... if Sora ended the fight in a drive form... he stays in those clothes...
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    A Drive Form Glitch?

    its not a glitch... its there because then it keeps the story in real time... instead of having all the cutsenes with Sora in his normal clothes, and the kingdom blade, the cutscenes show that he ended the fight in a drive and with the keyblade that he is using... its there on purpose
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    Deathspank's Gameplay Vids: Boss Battles - Axel, Shan-Yu + More

    dude.. way off topic... and a lot of colleges go back at the same time... my location says where i go anyway back on topic thanks again for the great vids
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    Deathspank's Gameplay Vids: Boss Battles - Axel, Shan-Yu + More

    i dont have school till the 18th... ha .. thats the college way.. lol
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    Deathspank's Gameplay Vids: Boss Battles - Axel, Shan-Yu + More

    you my friend have a lot of time on your hands... just kidding thanks for the vids
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    Say all u know about Kingdom Hearts 2

    woah... clam down... why dont you go to xaldin's kh2 faq or his walkthrough link to faq http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=37523 link to walkthrough http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=36367 most likely the walkthrough would help more other than that... see what you get here
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    Reverse Rebirth 2?

    we are really not going to find this out untill we get 1. someone on this forum who completely beats the game with sora (100%) and can read Jap fluently 2. get some footage of it either or will do untill then huge rumor
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    Every kh2 vid in one thread

    eh... thats what you got to do when you make a thread like this... keep up on it
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    Final Form

    so it is completely random in the world that never was...
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    Every kh2 vid in one thread

    glad the second link works for you... added it to the first post
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    Every kh2 vid in one thread

    your kidding me right... cause when i click the link... it works... are you getting the red error message on youtube or is it just not loading for you? if its the first option... try this link http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=bXenk3sF8IM
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    Every kh2 vid in one thread

    should now... just repaired it
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    Every kh2 vid in one thread

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    Every kh2 vid in one thread

    which ones are not working.... i can fix them... just tell me which ones EDIT: i checked... and repaired the ones that were broken... they all work now