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    Almost 21!!

    So I'm almost 21! Tommorow I would have been alive for 21 years. How crazy is that??I'm so hype! Gonna have a huge party at my house tommorow night!
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    Help/Support ► My mom and my anger...

    Ok so basically my mom is mentally insane...I havnt had sleep in like two days...I was drifting to sleep and she came up in my room and sat on my floor and just stared...I yelled for her to get out but she just kept saying she wanted to stay in there with me. But she just kept staring. I can't...
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    Kingdom Keepers series

    Ok so reacently I got into this series called kingdom keepers. Now the only reason I even picked it up cause it reminded me of kingdom hearts, cause it had Disney characters and such. Has anyone else heard of this? I'm on the 2nd book and so far there is a total of three but they are really...
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    Re: Coded, FEB 2011 release for Europe?

    Re: Coded, FEB 2011 release for Europe? I can't help but wonder about this game...I mean it was on a cell phone...but who knows. It might be ok..
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    iPod touch RPGs

    Reacently I have really been in to some awesome RPGs on the iPod touch. There are so many games like chaos rings, zeonia (or something like that) and even the first Final Fantasy! It's crazy that I'm getting addicted to games on this iPod. Sooo of any of y'all have an iPod touch, what are yall...
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    do you think khbbs will be better???

    It's crazy...I've never even thought of ever buying a psp...but because game makers are evil AND need to make money by putting these games on diffrnt systems...I HAVE to get one!!! I have no doubt this game will be mind blowing...is....but to replace the 1st? Don't know...it's possible. Haha...
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    Wow...this fourm changed alott...

    Hey names Josh...used to be on here all the time. I don't even remember it all that well...but wow has it changes. To be honest I was supprised I remembered my login info.
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    Help/Support ► My Bro Is Gay

    Well forget what others say. I mean your dad crying....is werid. He should learn how to accept his own son. As for your friends, if they arnt going to liek you, because you have a gay brother...well...they arn't really your friends. I have a gay brother too, and I am delaing with it fine. I mean...
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    The boarding house: Starting over

    Hey, this is an old role-play we played awhile ago. Now the old members of the BH are probly long gone, but here are the past threads. The first Boarding House The Boarding House: Life in a war The Boarding House: A normal life heh forgot one...only Steve started it even though he shouldnt...
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    The Unofficial "I Dislike Something in KH2" Thread

    Okay. *Takes big breath* i dont like how Cure/cura/curaga/ take up all mp, and how the life bars for the bosses are diffrnt. I dont like how some of the worlds were, and i dont like howwe didnt get to play as rikku *much* I also dislike the fact that some of the worlds had nothign to do with...
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    Roxas vs. King Mickey

    Gosh, ever sncie everone found out the name of BHK, everyones all crazy about it. Anyway, i will sitll call him Bhk, i dont like Roxas as a name to much....anyway....Mickey would win.
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    The nightmare

    Through out a town, news reports are everywhere on TV talking about kids dying in bed. Scientists can't figure out what is wrong, but they just die. The mystery is uncertain. A man with the name of Ed Macklin, shouted about the nightmare and how he barley got away. The next moning he was found...
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    End of CoM

    I need to know if there is a script somewhere of both endings of CoM. Regular and reverse Birth mode are what i am refering to as "endings". If someone can not find them, make a script and put it on this thread. That is how it should be written for people to look at the thread, and reply to...
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    Im back

    Hey i was gone for a while. My parents felt i was crazy bout this site and i wanst.......(Much). So any way i am just saying hi. Ive missed everyone so muh. SO hi again.:D
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    Im going...

    I found i have a promblem. I am starting to get obseed with staying on the computer. My parents are worried and im a little worried too. So i really hate to say this but im leaving the fourms. I am gonna miss all my friends and stuff, and hope yall have a good life Besides, i Have a Job now and...
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    I dont really like her. Saying she well be the ligt in his heart PLEASE. Kairi is the light in his heart. She anoys me. oh and alice isnt a princess....... at least i didnt think she was.........
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    Dark Riku-Tips Please!

    so you are in reverse rebirth mode ok now i get it, well keep trying get into dark mode alot youll get him.
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    Dark Riku-Tips Please!

    Malificent wanst that hard......well anyway have 3 o cards have bout 15 attack cards 9-7 3 cures, and the o cure also helps, and a few clouds if ya want. Now when he does dark auroa use the zero cards, cause it will break it. You will beat him. Also use oggie boogy and Vexin and jafar card :-D...
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    Whoa, im not sure but the last boss was a pushover....

    wasnt hard, i was at level 63 and i just beat him again, without any clouds just now :D
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    Whoa, im not sure but the last boss was a pushover....

    yeah it took me awhile to beat him. Plus he took up alot of time fighting Marluxia in mec form. But the time was worht the ending and credits. I was supried they fit the whole credits into one song of simple and clean.