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    What if...

    Please tell me you didn't just say 'uber'.
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    Help/Support ► Stalker Problem Please Help

    Don't you love me any more? Just kidding. Thing is, if she doesn't stop now, it'll only become worse. It will spread like an infectious disease. Talk to school officials, parents, the cops if need be. I've been there, man. Being stalked is definetly not fun.
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    What if...

    I'll wait, but I'll not hold my breath.
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    Deep Jungle

    It was copyright laws that led to the exclusion of the world.
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    Nobody Sighted?!

    Lack of unique character models. Fun. Giggle.
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    Ice cream Keyhole.

    Because, even in the deepest darkness, there is always light.
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    Org. XIII's Heartless?

    I don't think that would really work. Remember the whole Xemnas from the second game and Xehanorts Heartless from the first one? He was able to retain human form, but perhaps he was just the one exception.
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    358/2 Days

    Roxas, mainly because he owns pretty much everything.
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    Potentially a World in BBS!

    I like breasts... but the more worlds, the better.
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    Org. members 7-12 names

    Demyx is probably Dyme. That should set us on the right track.
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    Most hated Organization Member

    Vexen is effing difficult in CoM, but I hate Larxene the most by far.
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    The New Enemy, connected to Master Xehanort

    I'm cpnfused... but that's probably the pain killers...
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    has anyone.....

    I got him to level 30. On a bet. Took me forever. Pick up the shield, leave the sword, it tends to make things easier.
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    Or maybe Xehanort stole something precious, a super powered keyblade keychain, or a new and massively improved spell like Ultima, and the three heroes have to get it back?
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    ...And by extension... us bored.
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    Is it really Xehanort?

    I should start one or two of these, I've got a few good theories going as well.
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    How did the Organization know what Namine's power was?

    Mayhap they captured her and ran tests. Oh, and devil-may-roy, that's disgusting.
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    Xigbar's VERY INTERESTING words

    Perhaps ...the heart is released because the gunblade is reminiscent of a keyblade, what with the keychain and all. Perhaps the keychain acts as a power amplifier against heartless.