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    Tale Of The Dormant Soul

    Long ago, there lived a monk by the name of St. Petari. He was kindly old man who helped all he encountered. It was a peaceful time, and all we happy for his help. But those peaceful times were soon shattered. It all started off as a simple clan feud between the Kruas (Great Warriors) and the...
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    Help/Support ► My Bro Is Gay

    Let me explain. In games like Final Fantasy and mostly RPGs i prefered magic to brawn. Out of pure curiousity i typed in Magic into google and i was barraged by sites about Wicca, Revenge spells, paganism etc. I researched it slowly and found out my grandmother practiced a bit of wicca on the...
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    Help/Support ► My Bro Is Gay

    I've been reading this thread....and to all the homophobes i say Stop relying on religion or hatred to dictate your lives. Im gay myself and i've only come out to a couple of my friends and there are people just quoting stupid things like your not born gay. Yes, your environment can influence...
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    roxas elements?

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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    I think she did.... I think Namine retained all of Kairi's feelings for Sora, thats why she acted the way she did when Marluxia asked her to totally erase Sora's memories (contrary to what she had been doing before, just simply manipulating Sora's "Chain of memories" in his heart) which would...
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    O_o she is a shell isn't she? but since she was "born" differently shes not like the others.... wait! She even says in CoM that she is a shell and you find out from KH2 that she is Kairi's shell!
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    Super Strikers Charged Mario Football

    I got this game recently and it ROCKS!!! i prefer it to all the other football games like FIFA. Unfortunately i only have one friend who has it as well so i was hoping people here could post their friend number for strikers and their wii number so everyone could play online... Exactly like...
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    Awesome Naruto Pic!!! SO FUNNY!!!!

    I found this the other night.... i couldnt stop laughing!
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    Where can i buy COM

    just download Virtual Boy Advance and check out shadyroms.com or justroms.com Thats where i get all my GBA ROMS
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    Does anyone have a 9 Ultima Weapon??

    I got three 9 cards . HA!!! I beat Riku Final L46!!!!! But on rikus game i was stuck on Ansem last for a while Diz: Will you take the path of light or the path of dark? Riku: Neither. I choose the middle path Diz: Ahh. The path to Twilight. Riku: No. Th path to Dawn MY FAVOURITE SCENE!!!!
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    Anyone else buy a GBA just for CoM?

    COM was really cheap for me. £4!!!!!! Can u believe it?
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    When u lvl up

    me i get 4 hp 2 cp sleights in that order
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    Kh Com

    I got ultima weapon from chest in Oblivian castle , one winged angel from moogle shop and i still cannot find ansem! any advice why i am finding these in different places than everyone else?
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    Kh Com

    cool thanks a bunch. these ar goign to be really helpful. lets just hope i can get past monstro.....
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    Kh Com

    any particular one cause i have used a moogle shop card in Wonderland and only normal attack cards
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    Kh Com

    how do you get them? they sound really good
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    Kh Com

    I really would like to know where you get the Ansem enemy card, the megalixir item card and the ultima weapon cards. Does anyone know?
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    whats the date for UK?
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    New BHK Theory

    I believe that BHK is sora's shell. I know people are saying that shells can't weild keyblades but i think that all the keyblades can be weilded by different types of people such as Sora: keyblade ; Strong Heart (light) Riku: Dark Keyblade ; Strong Heart (Dark) and maybe BHK: Twilight...
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    Wooden Sword

    i agree with KCff7. But one thing is puzzling me. on destiny islands the sword can't even do damage to shadows so why in Hollow Bastion can it kill such things as darkballs?