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    For the last time

    i cant be assed to put it in quotes but the first said it was impossible for Sora to wield a dark keyblade because he's light, so explain how he could wierd oblivion, isn't that meant to represent darkness? A keyblade master can wield ANY keyblade, it's not whether they are light or dark, it is...
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    theory X

    could be, but now i think about it, all of the members do have x in their name. axel, marluxia, vexen, larxene and xaldin
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    new keyblades

    that's the only thing i didnt like about KH. Sora isn't meant to be the true Keyblade master, he's just a "delivery boy"
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    Release dates for kingdom hearts 2

    that is near the end of the year lol.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean?

    are you sure you arent watching the jump fiesta trailer? coz it aint in there, it's in the E3 trailer
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    tell me what you think

    i never thought the blindfold dude cud be a shell, i thought it was the real riku, until i completed CoM and found he didnt wear a blindfold
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    Fav. keyblade

    despite how bad it looked, i used the ultimate keyblade
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    Fav. boss battle

    I think...well i KNOW...Sephiroth is by far my favourite boss battle
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    dusk and heartless

    i think the whites are heartless with the stolen hearts of the in between ones
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    How does KingdomHearts end ?

    The things falling from the sky are stars, just like when they blinked out of existance at the begining of KH1. it means the barriers between the words are gone
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    How do you think KH2 should end?

    well that was pointless
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    Riku and Sora

    true, but in the clips sora also wields two keyblades when he fuses.
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    How do you think KH2 should end?

    I think it would be interesting if BHK was the final boss. It could be either that sora is the source of all heartless (i know im gonna get yelled at for that but its an interesting thought.) or that BHK is sick of being nothing but a mere shell. think of the cloned riku from CoM and how he...
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    The Gummi Ship in KH2

    Where'd you find that out?
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    Riku and Sora

    I have no idea who u mean, BHK or Sora. either way i don't have a clue, i would assume Sora is from Destiny Islands but then if thats so, and hes never left those islands, then how did he recognise Hollow Bastion? This is all theory but it could be the case. I'm playing through CoM again to find...
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    Kiaris new look

    Me neither, she has changed way too much. and personally i dont like it, apart from the red hair, she doesnt even RESEMBLE Kairi from KH1
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    Riku and Sora

    i see your points, but we only assume BHK is in between because we ASSUME he's from Twighlight town, yes we see him there so its a logical conclusion, yet Sora, who had never been off destiny islands, recognises Hollow Bastion and it is never explained why, now i know what you're gonna argue...
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    Riku and Sora

    but at the end of CoM he becomes an in between, light and dark, he uses them both. we know BHK is seen in Twighlight town and he uses keyblades, but Riku uses keyblades.
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    Riku and Sora

    I've just had a thought, In Ansem Report 13 it sais there is another you who is in between light and dark. Well Riku is in between light and dark, what's to say he's not the other sora? I know people will say he started out light so he cant be in between, but how do we know that for sure? as i...
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    I realized something...

    well they kinda gave it away themselves....wot with deep dive and all