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  1. K

    What movie is Disney Town based on?

    i think is based this STUPID online game disney made toontown online find some pics of it and compare it with disneytown
  2. K

    What if BBS became a flop?

    people will still buy it to express thier opions on the game besides BbS is the back groudstory of the wholo KH series we need to play it to find out what happen in the past
  3. K

    wheres Ansem the wise

    he probaly be shown at the end of the game because in the lastest trailer it looks hes talking to someone about sora i think
  4. K

    my super awesome theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that could be it with the hidden battle in KH2FM your theory could be right but to find out BBS will tell us what happens
  5. K

    10 years in the past...

    thers a 50% chance that nobodies dont change
  6. K

    Ven/Sora/Roxas connection

    yeah roxas could have vens hearts and thats way he looks like ven but we will never know untill BBS come out