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    Kingdom Hearts in Build-a-Bear?

    OK, my friends keep telling me they see KH clothing on Build-a-Bear and I have been to the store several times to see if this is true since I have two bears of my own and would totaly squeel if I could dress them up as Kairi and Namine...it would be so epic. But every time I go to the store I...
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    Ok...I was looking on the web and I saw this rumor about Zack Fair actually appearing in Birth by Sleep!! Is that true or is it just a rumor? Here's the link for it ifyou don't know: N4G.com : Zack Fair Joining Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Zack Fair Confirmed For Kingdom Hearts Birth By...
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    This was weird...but funny (spoiler)

    Like I said...I'll see if I can get the notebook again...I'll post them up as soon as he gives them to me :)
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    This was weird...but funny (spoiler)

    Ok...so my boyfriend just finished 358 before me and he has this notebook in which he writes jokes and other random stuff in and he decided to make a bit of a parody out of the dialogue...I took one of the jokes to share with you guys and see if you like it...and YES I HAVE HIS PERMISSION TO...
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    KH in Movies and Videogames Concert

    Lol....I know it gets tiryign to see KH everywhere, but this is something to share with you guys. This is a vid from a concert I went to...though i didn't actually record it. It's Hikari the orchestra Version. I went to the first concer of Movies and Video Games and since then they've played it...
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    How many of you are buying BBS?

    i certainly will get it...probably will do like I did with Days...reserved it like a month before it comes out and skip work (If I have by then) just to play it all day :) Yeah...KH freak to the point of death lol.
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    New Days commercial

    They better show the comercial here in PR otherwise I'll go crazy and have a mental break down like I did yestersay when I founf I just lost my PSP...UWAA!!! I saw it on the vid...But I totaly wanna see it on tv! XD
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    How many times have you beaten KH1?

    Re: How manny times have you beaten KH1? Only once...I got frustrated fighting Ansem, over and over and over and over again!!!~XD But I'm for another round again, still on Wonderland since I started yesterday.
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    BBS VENXROXAS theory

    Ok, so the other day I found myself alone in my room and thinking about this whole Roxas and Ven look alike issue and a thought crossed my mind. I dunno if this has been mentioned before but I'll say it anyways. I was playing KH 1 by this time and I noticed that when Sora became a Heartess, as...
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    Opening CGI for BBS

    Would be cool to see Xehanort (aka Ansem, aka, Xemnas, Aka-the-guy-has-no-more-names) on CGI at the ending, I hope he appears :)
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    My WTF moments was seeying sora sing Under the Sea...but the one that really took the cake was the whole "demyx...he's a poor fighter"...my butt he is...he clobbered me a lot....though for some reason I find him easier to bet in Hard mode than in Beginner mode.
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    What world would you kill to live in?

    I've talked this with my friends a lot and we all have different worlds where we would love to live in...obviously in teh KH univers and they all go from Disney to KH original ones. My personam favs are: World That Never Was, Traverse Town, Pride Lands, and Halloween Town, but I'd kill to live...
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    KH 2 Manga vol. 3

    Anyone got Any ideas on where to read it...at least online? I've tried One Manga...but there was nothing and I tried manga share and nothing either!! :c
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    KH 2 Manga vol. 3

    I was at borders the other days...it said it came out this month...and that vol 3 would come out on august. :(
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    KH 2 Manga vol. 3

    Does anyone have an idea of when Tokyo Pop will release the third volume of the KH 2 manga? I've been dying to read it. If anyone knows where I could read it online in english, it could be helpfull too.