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    Cant Defeat Xaldin

    i used learn, learn, learn(reaction command) like twenty times at once and then he was really low in health and since he jumped on that thing off the bridge i used beast limit to finish him off.
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    Xenmas Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you have to press triangle and x!! triangle is riku i think and x is sora...
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    final form?????

    ok i tried for ever to get final form it never worked. then i went to the world that never was drived when getting hit by a nobody and bang! final form
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    game is so easy its annoying!

    I wanted to fight as mickey so i tried to die during a cerberus fight, then i realized i couldnt.....they game so easy i cant even die if i wanted to...the second i get close to dying auron heals me!!
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    When Can you Start Getting FINAL FORM?

    you guys are killing me! i drived so many times to get Final! then i considered the theory that if you get hit by a heartless you go anti! so i fought a nobody and drived when he attacked then bam! final form....
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    Where did you get Final Form?

    yea i waited forever for it.....then i thought if the theory about getting hit by a heartless while you drive is true(anti form) then i tried that with a nobody and bang! final form....
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    If you haven't died at least once then you havent truley played kh2

    i understand dying everyonce in while to use mickey but how come every one said Xaldin was hard!!! all i did was use learn and i beat him in like afew hits. then he went crazy and i used goofys Beasts limit command and he was done with...i was kinda dissapointed....and no im not on easy.
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    Well he could come back...in Kingdom Hearts 2 Alpha Ultimania they say Zexion had "Fallen into ruin" so maybey hell come back...?
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    he did die in com....axel had the fake riku kill him remember...
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    Anit Form

    i hate anti form so much! i was fighting xigbar and i went anti so couldnt heal and i couldnt get near him to attack! so when he used his 100 hit combo i died...also in anti you cant revert to your normal form :(
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    game length

    just in case anyone was wondering the game took me about 30 hours on the dot, to beat.
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    what do u think the only down sides are to kh2

    the only thing close to a downside is that after awhile i started to wonder what i was doing! the organization wasnt even seen for a long time! it was like kh1 cuz Malificient was always around.
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    Roxas Again?

    yea those mini games took forever!!!
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    Not as fun as I suspected....

    yea i know i hated those (spoiler)morale bubbles!!(spoiler) anyways the game kinda of ditched the storline but i think its still fun!
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    I got the call from eb

    i just got the call and i live in dublin california. It basically said that they will be recieving kh2 in the afternoon tomorrow. so im all hyper!
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 NA Site Update

    what if it has been updated again kh is only 3 days away?
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    ***SPOILER*** two secret drives

    yea but what i always wondered was is their a form hidden where sora fuses with mickey....if not i think they considered it! well if you have seen it there is an image with sora with gold drive like clothes holding his keyblade and mickey's!
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    Kingdom Heart Two: Skip The Scene

    I couldnt beat Riku/ansem 4ever!!!!! then i finnaly realized what aero did and i beat him on the first time w/aero....
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    A most unspeakable evil...

    well.....no.....why steal it the night before....? i waited three years! so im supposed to go attempt to steal it the night before get caught go to jail and wait even longer...no
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    NA KH2 Leaked Thread (Mod Approved!)

    Re: USA KH2 game has been leaked Ok im against downloading it but i just thought of something! can you answer this one question! Does the u.s. version have anything extra?