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    Difference Between LE and Sig?

    Hard back copy.. The closest thing I can think of is this FFXI thing I saw in a store. It had a somewhat hard back, but since it was in plastic and covered by the strategy guide and map, I couldn't see very well. hard back strategy guides.. That's going to be a downer, it's pretty dumb.
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    Question: Can you Dual-Wield Keyblades Whenever?

    I was wondering, since I was talking to one of my friend's at school about this right before out exam started, he said that you'd be able to dual-wield any two, and I've seen game play that leads me to believe so, but then do you need to be in a Drive Form to play with two keyblades, and if not...
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    Castle Oblivion...Castle Oathkeeper?

    Man.. This place has gone to the pits since I left.. Ok, Castle "Oblivion" is just a name that was given to the castle due to the fact that it screws up your memories because of Namine, the place is probably dead now though. a Castle Oathkeeper would.. If it had something to do with the...
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    One Tiny Question..

    Well.. I never really used it before, since I found the game was a lot more interesting when you didn't. I beat Sephy without healing. and I also went through the game this one time with just the Kingdom Key, and I won. o_o
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    Yeah, It's ME

    I'm back everyone, I'm one of the oldies, yeah, that's right. Lmao I was here when we had the first RPG Inferno, and the confusion happened when the place went down. I see that the place is back up and running well, I've also had a laugh about the Newb Adoption Agency. Lol. But I'm really...
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    Help me?

    Why would you want such a thing anyway? The game is much better. I say that since I found mine just recently. ;D
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    KH2 questions

    wth Since when do people noobilize threads? Man, I've been gone too long. And no, there is no feature like that, but there is a secret ending in the game for you to get, that's about all.
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    Drive Form wallpapers

    Man, you've spoiled the game so much for me. XD I also know of some Heartless form or something. Check out the umm.. gallery.
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    KH3: Soul of Darkness??

    Ok, it's been a REALLY long time, srry I've been gone all this time, but due to personal reasons I've not been able to come here, for close to a year now. Ok, I've looked around the place, it's gotten pretty interesting, but what is this KH3: Soul of Darkness thing I'm hearing about?
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    Sephiroth's role in KH2?

    Level 100 at least? Rofl. That's the max. dum dum. The FF character's are not a key role in the game, but they're there for you to have fun. ;P
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    Enigmatic Man theories....

    .. Meh well I'm guessing that these "mere shells" are the members of the Organization, but the thing about them is that their powerful, and most of them dwell on the power of darkness, only Diz and Riku and Mickey can use the power of the Twilight, and soon Sora will be able to do that too.
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    Anybody concerned about the voice actors?

    ... Meh well their all older, so it's only naturalnfor them to be older. Duh!"~Is the most powerful dark knight around.~
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    Sora=BHK - Kairi=Namine

    .... BHK is the shadow of Sora.. Or a creation of Namine's.. But Namine is Kairi's shadow. As stated by Namine in COM. End of discussion. Lol..
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    Present is not a constant world

    Well. that doesn't make too much sense.. but neither did the first game as I mean The End Of the World was a world and yet it was not.. Making toom much sense. And in this game Future and past mnight be worlds, we've to wait and see.
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    What if...

    True, and also it's pretty amazing how that happens don't you think? Like I mean in COM you can play as Riku and the game goys by soo quick since i mean Riku's ten times stronger than Sora and the people that he fights are weak and then people like Ansem and Lexaeus are pretty darn strong.
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    bhk take sora's place as the new keyblade master?

    No.. Namine love Sora and is in charge of the BHK so then Sora's not going to die by the BHK's hand.
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    Lulu and Rikku

    Why don't you just wait and see? I mean well yeah it's going to be pretty amazing but in the long run I think that we're better off not knowing since we're going to be able to know everything that happens in the game before it actually does if we keep looking for more information.
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    do you know

    One I think for gameplay and then one for like special features.
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    how much of PotC do you think will be in KH2?

    Right, but we don't know for sure.
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    DIZ and axel in kodos

    Right, and they all looked blank, but yeah the "wild card" could've been anything but somehting tells me it was to give Riku Clone the memories to stir things a bit.