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    Aqua is riku and kairi's child?

    hmm well let's first look at the physical similarities. aqua looks like kairi. but her hair is light blue. and who else has light blue hair in kingdom hearts? riku! but of course, this is speculation, yet i'm too freaking lazy to look over the thousands of threads for something saying that the...
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    Vote Kh2 For Gphoria

    Re: gphoria hmm...kh2 wasn't that great as an rpg...come to think of it...it doesn't really seem like an rpg...if ya compare it to the other rpg games...
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    Australian and Europeans

    "hmm, i'm sure if i type in "KINGDOM HEARTS 2" on google images, then i won't find any SPOILERS or SCREENSHOTS from the game!" i like that train of thought
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    Australian and Europeans

    >_> all you euro aus people...just quit all your "OMG those stupid americanz are spoiling the game for meeh!!!" T_T what the hell do you think you'll find on a KINGDOM HEARTS 2 FORUM?!?!?! populated mostly by AMERICAN GAMERS who have beaten the game in an excess of more than 3 times on...
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    This is beyond a joke - when is KH2 going to be released in Australia and Europe

    wow, it sucks to be living in europe or uk
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    was kingdom hearts 2 a let down compaired to kingdom hearts?

    the ending for kingdom hearts 2... doesn't compare at all against the ending for the original kingdom hearts. don't deny it. everybody was at least a little dissapointed.
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    Drive Forms!!!

    Re: Drive Form?!! cool, yet useless..........
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    What do you say????

    or at least all the haters thought that another thread like this is unoriginal, repetetive, and just plain boring and chose not to waste their time posting in it...
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    Is KH1 sora fake or is KH2 sora fake?

    thank you for repeating what has been said nearly 12 times in the thread previously. T_T
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    What if KH2 took place in Nintendo Worlds!?!?!?

    nintendo doesn't have nearly enough franchises to make a whole set of worlds.
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    i would kick out atlantica, threaten Disney execs with a pistol so that they do whatever the hell I want, make a better storyline, make the worlds more relevent to the main story arch, get rid of donald and goofy, fill the hundred acre woods with rainbows, giant mushrooms, colorful smoke, and...
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    you can call me a moron but

    look on quizzila or something! or google!
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    Whos your favorite boss.

    Xaldin, because hes the most overrated, overspeculated, over-glorified boss who from everyone here seems "INVINCIBLE!!!!" when in reality he's just another hack and slash just like the other ones.
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    Compendium of Sephiroth Phrases

    go to the 40-year old pedophile down the street for all the quotes on sephiroth :P "are you scared?" "that's enough" "show me!" "uungh!"
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    blasphemous statement for all you sony fanboys

    *yawn* The original Final fantasy made it's debut. it got it's name Final Fantasy, because it was square's last attempt at the video game market. if this game didn't succeed, then it was all over for square. it was their final chance. their FINAL fantasy. luckilly, it wasn't the last one, and...
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    Compendium of Sephiroth Phrases

    "watashi wa omoi ni wa naranai sa" - advent children
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    dont read

    there's a better way. download every kh2 picture you want, put them in a folder, then go to your settings and choose the screensaver that shows pictures in your "my pictures" folder.
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    What did you enjoy????

    actually, it's the exact opposite. too many mindless drones praising every aspect of the game because they think its kewl to do so...not giving a damn to anybody who regards kingdom hearts any less than they do...but this is okay...i guess good: the battle system, the gummi ship system, the cg...
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    BHK related to Sora?

    -_- who resurrected this dead thread?