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  1. Zero_Rock

    About the hacking in KHUx

    First of all, yes, everyone is aware of the "Weird Lux Ranking Glitch" of last week, one thing i noticed on SENA's twitter was these guys talking Those damned.... >_> Square did mention a LONG time ago that they were aware of the hackers and were gonna do something...
  2. Zero_Rock

    What will you do, when the Middle Slot kicks in?

    This is just a fun thread, I've had a lot, i mean, a LOT of Bersek III Berserk IV, Combo Plus I and II, altogether in the same slot, the middle slot, this is just an example, post your middle slot luck xD
  3. Zero_Rock

    Guys, where to get Starry Sand?

    I've been looking for it from many missions and can't seem to find it, to level my Desire Lamp keyblade ;-;
  4. Zero_Rock

    Avatar/GetUserAvatar (NOT internet connection problems)

    You see, especially today I keep getting the Avatar/GetUserAvatar message, all.the.freaking.time. then i test Facebook, Youtube, 9gag, KHI forums, and all work fine but as for the game................ please help ;-;
  5. Zero_Rock

    SPOILERS: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Secret Movie!

    Probably in the end YMX said Saix but who knows? :D