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  1. magic713

    KH Shower Thoughts

    I think that, in the final battle against Marluxia in Chain of Memories, it wasn't actually Marluxia's true power. That outside the Castle, his power and skills were similar to those of his copy. But he was syphoning the power of Castle Oblivion, giving him a boost to challenge Sora in the final...
  2. magic713

    Film ► Scariest Movie from everyone’s childhoods?

    Yeah, Sleeping Beauty scared me as a child as well. That's not weird at all. Gremlins did some psychological scarring for me for a few decades.
  3. magic713

    About the credits for Chain of Memories... (Fun discussion)

    Maybe it was a crossroads world. It is an embodiment of a world between worlds.
  4. magic713

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    True, though I think it would be poetic if Ansem was dealt with in Destiny Islands room. That Riku defeats Ansem in the place where Riku had first chosen to open his heart to darkness.
  5. magic713

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Not sure if this is unpopular, but I think Zexion should have been the major villain of R/R. I like the idea that both leading figures of the two opposing factions of Castle Oblivion were taken out by the respective heroes. Also, the final fight to take place in the Entrance Hall of the first...
  6. magic713

    I grew to despise 358/2 days over time

    Yeah, I feel like that was the downside of many games sentenced to being handheld games. The hardware severely limited the production opportunities of the studio.
  7. magic713

    I grew to despise 358/2 days over time

    I was pretty disappointed with the story. Maybe I was expecting too much of it. I was thinking that we would see more of the inner workings of the Organization. Seeing what other members contributed to the group, and more time seeing them interact with one another, including the Castle Oblivion...
  8. magic713

    Creatures/Beings of Light?

    Because creatures of darkness crave the light, but not the other way around. beings of light are content, and only those capable and dedicated to defending the light combat the many dark denizens trying to steal.
  9. magic713

    Spoilers ► Do you prefer the Old Organization XIII to the new one?

    I'd say I like the old Org more. I just really enjoy the variety of them. In appearance, weapons, specific powers, etc.
  10. magic713

    Do you prefer to own physical or digital version of games?

    Digital. Especially pc, with mods
  11. magic713

    Chain of Memories Spritework Appreciation Post

    I am curious if anyone has made a 32-bit version of phase 3 of the Marluxia battle. And if the form would have worked in the gba format (give or take a few features)
  12. magic713

    Be brutally honest: what is the absolute worst world in the kh franchise?

    Deep space. I always get lost, and having to play with the gravity
  13. magic713

    Which one of these two KH books should I get?

    I'm only getting one book, so which should I get: "Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III" or "Kingdom Hearts Character Files"? Any interesting information or notes in one book over the other?
  14. magic713

    Another Re:CoM gameplay question

    From my experience, it's more about knowing your deck very well than memorizing the boss's cards, while at the same time, knowing the boss's moveset in general, and knowing which attacks you should simply dodge and which attacks to counter and use a card. So some cards are a series of attacks...
  15. magic713

    Another Re:CoM gameplay question

    Depending on who you're watching, you might just be watching the players' best resulted boss fight. So they may have lost many times except that one time when luck was on their side and they recorded the best result. So it may come down to luck. Or it may come down to memorizing the boss...
  16. magic713

    What video games did you grow up with?

    When I was very very young, I remember enjoying the Humongous Entertainment games (Putt-Putt, Pajama Sam, Freddi Fish, etc.), as well as the Jumpstart games Later, I began playing a lot of N64 games.
  17. magic713

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

    Most of the time, the best way to beat bosses like him is to be the one to break his cards. That, and/or you can take the rather cheap way of spamming Lethal Frame and Sonic Blade. They can be gamebreakers.
  18. magic713

    What would you change for the KHIII story?

    What would you change about the latest main numbered KH game? Big, small? Plot, characters? etc. I know next to nothing of this game. I may play it someday, but need money and system to play it first. Your thoughts?
  19. magic713

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Yeah. When you praise something, you talk about stuff that already exists. Complaints also can come with 'what ifs' and ideas for improvements, which are more numerous and fun to talk about
  20. magic713

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    The internet loves complaints more than praises.