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  1. Aleena

    Favorite Trio?

    I know this must be a common thread topic but honestly, what do you guys think and why? SRK: I think this trio has a pretty strong relationship, I mean, you basically spend the first two games looking for them. And they definetly have had their moments. TAV: Now, I get why people might like...
  2. Aleena

    Sad Thread with Sad stuff.

    I just want a thread where we post anything sad in kh. Whether it be in the games or manga. This in particular, broke me. We really get to see the power of a promise.
  3. Aleena

    Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD Remix?

    Oh I never knew that. Thinking back on it, it probably is.
  4. Aleena

    Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD Remix?

    Sure it may have an HD remake on the PS4 or PS3, but it will be extremely hard to do that. Unlike BBS which was already released on a Sony platform and ReCOM which was a ps2 game, DDD was released on a nintendo device, so if they wanna make the whole game playable on a Sony platform, they would...
  5. Aleena

    Kingdom hearts anime?

    What do you guys think of a kh anime? I think that it would be epic! We could see all of Sora's journey. Including the battles, enemies, chracters and tear shedding moments. KH has just the perfect material for an anime. But one thing that I'm afraid of is a lot of content might be cut of. But...