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    the isle return

    well, my literal guess is that they teleported. they don't have a gummi to get everywhere. and it's most likely not on the map because if it was, then it would've taken up more space that was used for other important things. don't get me wrong, though, i love the islands :D.
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    well, let people believe what they wanna believe. it's not gonna affect you, so what's it matter? no relationships are confirmed in KH anyways.
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    whoof! i feel a little late now. lawls, yes, sometimes i do believe that. but then again, if it was a death note, it would make his job a HELL of a lot easier. ... yeah, well, i am. and i'm not afraid to admit it, because anyone who sees any of my posts can come to the conclusion that...
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    Ummmm.. Axel Roxas? Whats Your Opinion o.O?

    ooh! first reply-er!! :D YES, totally. i always thought a little somethin'-somethin' was coming from axel's side, but after Days, i see more from roxas. and that just makes me happy. ^w^
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    Ronald McDonald?

    Random, VERY random post, but I just hafta get it out there. I had McDonald's today [yeah, call me a fat-ass all you want,] and me and my brother were talking about which beanie babies we wanted. He asked me if I wanted the Ronald one, so I looked at it and said, "Eh, he's kinda - OHMYGAWSH"...
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    Real Quick

    sweet jesus, i hope i'm posting this in the right section. just a quick question is all, this thread can [and will be, no doubt] closed right after the right answer. i know there's a cutscene in kh2 when sora hits his chest with his fist, but right now i can't remember which one...hard-ish...
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    Didja ever notice

    in TWTNW, in that one cutscene where SRK are reunited, sora pushes kairi away to talk to "ansem"? i just noticed it. excuse my brain if you have already. but anyways, i can't believe it!! when they're hugging [as if that wasn't gay enough already], sora just pushes kairi off of him in order to...
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    Favorite Party Member?

    so peoples, question's pretty simple: who was your favorite party member in kh2 and why? personally mine is donald, for the following reasons: 1: he heals 2: his little tail moves when he walks :36: 3: if you pay attention to him when he jumps, he jumps butt-first into the air and i...
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    Who Do You Want to Voice T and A?

    i'd personally like christensen as terra. i could see that happening :D but it really does seem like it'll be epcar, chances are high. apparently aqua shouldn't have such a soft voice. but i can't seem to think of an ideal VA. let's see.......yeeupp, nobody. keira knightley anyone? xP haha...
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    The Drive Gauge

    sorry if it seems like a pointless or stupid thread, but my brother asked me and i didn't know. so, what's the highest the drive gauge can go, without a cheat or anything? mine's at 6 right now -_- what's yours at?
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    does Axel have a heart?

    well, the simplest way to put it [like several people have said] is because he had grown so close to roxas. even if nobodies don't have emotions, they do remember [again like other people have said]. i honestly believe axel felt that sadness of losing his best friend, but i'm most likely wrong.
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    Hotel Traverse Town

    okay, so... i finally cleared off enough memory so i could start my expert file [lame, i know, but oh wellz]. i was playing through the first visit to traverse town, when you have to go "explore" while goofy and donald are always two steps late. [pretty sure you remember, that part's kinda...
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    lol, i think my favorite parts would have to be either: - sora picturing himself and kairi dancing when he sees jack and sally - sora crying when he sees mulan and shang together - the whole namine/roxas/sora/kairi moment in TWTNW oh or: - sai'x's hair flip//////LMAO i find that hilarious xD
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    Olympus Coliseum anybody?

    okie dokie. welp, i just restarted my file, since my darling little brother decided to "accidentally" save over my good one. -.- so, im just about done with the game, all i gotta do is go back to twilight town and then TWTNW. but i got nothing better to do at home [yes, i need a life] so i...
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    Multiplayer Days Question

    ok well haha just kidding :embarassed: i just dont remember seeing any
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    Multiplayer Days Question

    Alritey peoples, i gots a question. for Days, i think ive seen every organization member confirmed for multiplayer, except for xemnas [obviously] and zexion. but my main question is: will you be able to play as zexion? its just something, you know, ive been wondering. its what ive been looking...
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    Nobody births?

    okay thanks. that's all i wanted to know. i already knew how nobodies are formed, i just wondered how they were literally born.
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    Nobody births?

    ohkay so he did just pop up out of nowhere?
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    Nobody births?

    alritey, total noob here. =P just thought i'd warn you real fast, so you don't think im a total dork. i thought of this the other day, but i never got around to posting it. i've actually been wondering this for awhile: how exactly are nobodies born? i mean, you read everywhere that roxas was...