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    Cura Glitch in Neverland

    There are trophies that'll require me to replay it anyway because of the one with the unchanged armor trophy for example. I figure I get most of the trophies out of the way with this one then do the others on the next one. EDIT: After I beat Neverland altogether it became available again, wow...
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    Cura Glitch in Neverland

    Hey I was wondering if anyone else experienced this, I am playing on Final Mix mode or whatever the hardest difficulty mode is called. I made it to Neverland and beat Shadow Sora but then I lost the first fight with hook. I noticed whenever I healed my cure spell seemed normal, I checked the...
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    News ► Famitsu Updates with New KINGDOM HEARTS HD ReMIX Info and Images!

    I'm trying to remember but wasn't the HD remix suppose to have a similiar combat system to Kh2 ? I remember seeing it on an article somewhere on here .
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    Official Gold Eyed Person Discussion Thread

    Ha! Ya know that would be pretty sweet!
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    KH 3DS - Confirmed

    Yeah! And also, they need to talk to those people with the copyright over Tarzan. I mean we FREAKIN need a return of Tarzans world, I still forgot what made them not able to include it but it was because of a copyright issue >.<
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    What would Kingdom Hearts 3D Be About?

    Im hoping to see Treasure Planet and or Atlantis. I would love to see the antics Sora and Riku get into with Milo and his gang or Captain Silver, Jim and the others. Imagine like instead of Milo just having the crystalized bad guy(I forget his nae) get broken by the baloons fan blades, we would...
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    More things lol

    The shore Ansem and Aqua are at, someone told me thats the dark side of the Destiny Island beach... so, like the realm of darkness side i mean. True? Do you think Yensid, Eraqus and M. Xehanort were trained under the same master or at least were "friends" or just plain acquaintances for years...
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    Getting more health

    nah im on proud but thanks!@
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    Getting more health

    for Ven I got I got only 95 hp, but I see others with awhoooole lot more o.o Im level 47 >.<
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    Oh yeah I didnt either until after I beat all the stories on proud mode, now after I restart on critical...well might restart on critical. I had to restart Vens because I didnt unlock Blank points so i was uhhh wth, so after I went through vens i was like...seeing all these cool moves being used...
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    Oh right the crystals, that was one of the main problems. I like couldnt get the right items to get the other items for the melding to even begin xD. I looked up the one by Stark
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    Is it me or is the melding even with the guide annoying and confusing? Or maybe I'm just looking at the wrong guides, I'm having trouble wondering how to get certain melding things to meld to get the final Meld. Also...uh, abilities...I cant seem to get any o.o
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    Platforming in BBS

    I wasnt really like that, just felt that it was cool to have some platforming, glitchy or not they still put it in there. Hopefully they keep this and make it better,
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    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    I did the same thing with Ven first starting out, I was up to Neverland before I was like..ah...im going to beat em on proud instead.
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    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    I beat Terranort on my thirteenth take....how ironic is THAT?!
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    Platforming in BBS

    I know what you mean but certain spots in the worlds like in Radiant Garden, Deep Space, etc. Where fun, even Neverland had a bit of that. I hear ya luap911, I mean Deep Jungle was one of my favorite worlds in Kh1. I wouldve loved to see a more plateforming and more open version of it...
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Fandub Production *Spoilers!*

    Aw...well congratz to the ones who won.
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    Platforming in BBS

    Yeah, Who else here thinks that the platforming in bbs was GREAT, even though it there wasnt thaaat much there was still a good amount. It would seem re:coded is going to have even more, I mightve posted this in the wrong section now since I mentioned re:coded but eh. What do you guys think?
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    underpopulated worlds

    That always did weird me out, it was so weird. I mean the cheers could be from the gods but at the same time I mean, we got a full city of people. I mean at least in bbs, I was looking forward to going through a few places but eh maybe next game(excluding re:com, I mean im defininatly getting...
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    The Themes of Kingdom Hearts

    What were the themes of each game so far? I think the first was friendship but eh, I just wanna be sure with these.