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    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    If you didn't notice, it's not just ven.. Sora as well.. I think BBS Volume 2 or something, is relating to another dimension or an importance that never occur and we'll see the results.. And for me, I think it's when sora didn't exist in the first place.. You can see him in the tree and he...
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    New BBSFM Secret Episode scan.

    KHBBS FM gets sooo many new boss.. Master Eraqus Monstro No Heart and the Red Eyed Figure xD..
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    Birth by Sleep European Characters Trailer

    Re: bbs new trailer Gaming Everything english one..
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    Birth by Sleep NOMURA INTERVIEW

    I don't think it's something new or already posted before, but here it is.. SOURCE: Kingdom Hearts: BBS Interview Summary with Director Nomura | Spawn Kill | Video Game News & Reviews
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    summer starts on june 20.. so BBS will be in E3 for sure.. and i'm hoping it'll come in July.. Cuz base on the english dissidia site they released, it's 4 months before the actual release date :)..
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    2 new bbs Screen Shots!!!!!!!!!

    u'know.. these 2 screenshots were posted on the other thread yesterday? lmao!
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    Some English BBS Screens

    no i mean i'm talking about the official BBS website.. the only screenshots were there were the first 9 we've seen..
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    Some English BBS Screens

    lol.. where did they got the gantu and mickey screen? even though it's not on the site..
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    Some English BBS Screens

    tnx :) (25 character limit)
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    Some English BBS Screens

    can u show us the mickey/aqua/kairi screen.. :)
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    Some English BBS Screens

    what 2 new screens? o_O (25 characters)
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    Some English BBS Screens

    lmao! they should keep magic wish.. but change the diamond dust =).. if you look closely on the gantu pic... you'll notice something mature 18+ =)..check between gantu's legs.. =P
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    Some English BBS Screens

    1 more screen..
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep On PSN?

    Since when sony said that Having a PSN logo doesn't mean it's not on PSN? When a Magazine came out about BBS Japanese, people saw that there isn't any psn logo.. And that's pretty obvious that it's not going to be on PSN.. and that's before announcing that it's not available for pspgo.. most...
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep On PSN?

    the PSN logo is in both the EU site and NA site..
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    Birth By Sleep English Coming to PSN?

    I don't actually have a big proof.. but I saw the international website of BBS.. There's the PSN logo on the bottom..
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    the secret boss is stronger than the lingering sentiment....?

    have u played BBS? if not, then why make a thread like this saying vanitas LS is easier just by looking a video..
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    NA release date?

    u know that 1up did the same thing on dissidia last year.. they posted "June 2009" and the actual release date is august.. so don't get ur hopes up guys..
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    KH2 Secret Ending Keyblade Thought (Spoilers)

    the symbol is just a heart.. same thing the 5 apprentices have (Braig's Cross Bow, Dilan and Aleus's uniforms)
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    Aqua's Scenario

    aqua's other bosses are Terranort and Terranort + Dark Heartless =X so that's a total of 13 same thing as terra's =)