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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Discussion

    The games have been said to be released in the summer of 08 so you won't have to wait that long. I think I am more intrested in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep then anything, it seems to have more of a twist then anything, expecially from the scans that have Terra sitting watching two boys play...
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    Next kingdom hearts news!!!

    Aww don't be so harsh, even though they do lie about stuff. And sometimes what G4 says actually happens or takes forever to come to the market, or just plain don't come at all But I think it would be a little messed up to have it on PSP, but it's better then having it on the PS3...Cause that...
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    Playlists to your favriote books

    Just wanted to see if anybody else, like me, play music while they are reading their books. So far I just finished Eclipse and Glass, I havn't made my Glass playlist but I have a playlist, souly dedicated to Jacob Black from Eclipse, here it is:
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    Warped Tour

    Proud to say I'm going to Warped Tour when it comes to Dallas. Sad enough not all my favriote bands are going to be there but still going to go see some people, how about you guys. A Static Lullaby Jul 24 - Aug 25 The Actual Aug 10 - Aug 25 Agent Orange Aug 23 - Aug 25 Alesana Jun 29 - Jul...
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    Free Ozzfest Tickets

    Yeah its true, my friend just made me get hers...She's always making me do stuff like this
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    My Chemical Romance Videos

    Okay I'm starting this topic for 2 reasons: 1. To just say something about MCR 2. Talk about their new video teenagers. I havn't seen it yet, but it be greatly appreciated if someone who already seen it, or know where it is online, tell me. Cause I saw the a clip of it when I was looking at...
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    Fanfiction ► Gundam Seed: A New Era

    This is a fan fiction I had made for my favriote anime Gundam Seed and Destiny, it was just something that I had put together. In the Cosmic Era of 71 and 73, there were two wars against Zaft and Earth Alliance. The wars were ended by four individuals and the people who believed in them. With...
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    Needing Help

    Anybody know any download links for the Secret Ending, cause all the ones I went to are expired, or no longer exist, so if anybody can help me, I'll greatly appreaciate it
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    Fanfiction ► I live in blank World

    Chapter 2 Sleep came late, real late, like 1 o'clock late. Sort of scary that I went to bed so early. I laid on my bed staring out the bleakly sun. It was beautiful even though it was suffocating to be seen. Poor sun. I got out the bed wondering how long it will take for Alex notice that I...
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    Fanfiction ► I live in blank World

    Chapter One I had a dream that his heart was in my hands, and I was crushing it. I was smirking as though I was enjoying it, but someone was crying inside of me. Saying please stop, please stop. But I couldn't stop, I wanted to see it suffocate in my fingers, I wanted to see it die and suffer...
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    What do you think about the secret ending?

    Personally, I'm suprised! All my theories just went up in flames. They were nothing compared to this video. I'm happy I watched it, but I want to do it myself to get sound. Still theories went up in flames...:glare:
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    Gundam Seed Special Edition IV

    No if anybody could tell me if Athrun goes back to Cagalli, I will be so happy, and love that person forever. Cause I already saw that Kira goes back to Lacus (Duh like that wasn't going to happen...) But still.
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    Fanfiction ► Falling Down (please give me feedback)

    This was a story I decided to revive from my closet. It was a story I had start writting when I was in 9th grade. I though it would be a good story to post, so if you like it or not, leave me feedback, I'll probaly post more chapters, its just depending on rather you like it or not. Chapter 1...
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    What's that room?

    Its in the trailor that I download. It was in the end, when the nobody went into the room sat on the chair and then the chains started to glow, then leading up to the Organization symbol, then there was some thing in front of it. Its just weird to me that scene would pop up. Does anybody have...
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    Square-Enix has a list for KH2: FM+

    They only having american voices and japanesse subtitles because the people who play the game over there like the american voices more then their own, which is kinda of funny when you think about it.
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Information Compilation

    Dogenzaka thanks. This was great information. You must have a lot of time on your hand or you really love KH. And the cover is cool. I like it.
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    Tenchi Muyo Ryohki OAV 3 theory (spoilers)

    If your a person who has never seen the Tenchi Muyo Ryohki series I highly advise you to watch them. Even though its old its really funny and cool, I like it and I sure you will too. But for the people who have seen it, how far have you gone into the series? I've finished it and I was wondering...
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    I bought the book cause it seemed good in the short summary of it. But if anybody has read it or heard of it, please tell me is it worth my time
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    Fanfiction ► I need someone to help me...

    I'll help you edit them, if you want
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    Official Breaking Benjamin Thread

    Breaking Benjamin has been one of my favriote badns for the past 3 years now. And the thier third cd (Phobia) is awsome. But my favriote is cd is Saturate. You can say whatever you want about the band, if you love them or hate them, leave it at that, don't go crazy on how bad they suck...