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  1. Roxie1563

    Roxie's Jack in the Box contest~

    Kingdom Spirits: Halloween Tonight is the night that Halloween comes to rule for a night and everybody, both big and small, was going to go dress up in different kind of costumes ranging from vampires to zombies to even superheroes! Even Siam was going out as herself since she is part Spirit...
  2. Roxie1563

    The Miracles: Reborn

    Claire woke up as soon her alarm clock went off and hit the snooze button to prevent the sound from echoing throughout the apartment building where she currently lives now just mere months after her High school graduation. Glancing at her clock which shows 5 A.M in the morning and with a quiet...
  3. Roxie1563

    The Miracles: Reborn (OOC & Sign-ups)

    The Miracles: Reborn SETTING It is the year 2024, the year when S.T.A.R. Labs revealed their latest technology that would support clean energy for all people, regardless of where they are from. This new technology is called the Particle Accelerator and the particles that makes the energy...
  4. Roxie1563

    The Miracles (OOC & Sign-ups)

    The Miracles SETTING It is the year 2024, the year when S.T.A.R. Labs revealed their latest technology that would support clean energy for all people, regardless of where they are from. This new technology is called the Particle Accelerator and the particles that makes the energy clean is...
  5. Roxie1563

    Interest in doing Superhero RP

    So, I have been brewing about this for some time and talking to a few people about it to see if it is possible; Turns out there hasn't been one, so looks like it's going to happen, folks! I already have the plot and powers planned out to a certain degree, so all I have to focus on is to be sure...
  6. Roxie1563

    Help/Support ► PS4 Help~

    Hey, I need some suggestion on how to fix the thing that lets you put the game disc in. Some time today, I wanted to play some Second Son, so I plopped in the disc. It started reading the disc then all of a sudden, the disc pop out. :/ I was confused and tried to pup it back, but couldn't to...
  7. Roxie1563

    ~ Kingdom Spirits ~

    It was your typical day; The sun is shining, the sky blue with partly clouds, and the tree leaves were blowing by with the help of the winds. But that will change soon as the partially clouds appeared to bring forth some sort of fog that was heading toward to one of New York City's schools...
  8. Roxie1563

    ~ Kingdom Spirits (sign-ups and ooc) ~

    ~Kingdom Spirits~ The Past In an age of fairy-tales, the world known as Earth laid one realm in which the humans and spirits alike lived in harmony. It was such a peaceful time and everybody loved the light, for it gives them warmth in their hearts. But then Darkness invaded. The people...
  9. Roxie1563

    My Little Theory on Namine~

    All right, I would like to thank Anagram for getting me involved into another theory about Kingdom Hearts, but as this thread implies, it's about Namine. First off, we know she's a special Nobody in a way that isn't possible due to specific needs like turning into a Heartless and turning into a...
  10. Roxie1563

    Fanfiction ► inFamous: The Beginning of Tyranny

    *ahem* As some people know that next month is inFamous: Second Son and I'm one to enjoy the series, so I would like to show my appreciation for the series by writing my story out here. Now, I'm not one to ramble around here, so without further introduction that I present you to my story that is...
  11. Roxie1563

    It's Hard to Believe..~

    It's hard to believe this guy was the source of problems plaguing throughout the Universe of Kingdom Hearts. He was the one that banished Ansem the Wise, encouraged the other apprentices to do things that shouldn't have been done in the first place, created the artificial Heartless and sent...
  12. Roxie1563

    One Year Anniversity! :D

    It has been over one year exactly when I joined Kingdom Hearts Insider and met all my friends! :D I want to thank everybody for helping me get around here, being friends with me and just overall being there for me! :) I'm looking forward to the next years or so with you guys! :3 To Kingdom...
  13. Roxie1563

    TV ► Famous Jett Jackson/Smallville Actor dies at 29.. D:

    Famous Jett Jackson and Smallville Alum Lee Thompson Young Dies at 29 - IGN This is a sad day for those family and friends and fans alike. He had a wonderful future ahead of him. What is it with young people dying so fast?! D:
  14. Roxie1563

    Keyholes in the Realm of Darkness...?

    I'm curious; As far as we know, there is always Keyholes in the Realm of Light within worlds that we have visited, but we don't know much about keyholes in the Realm of Darkness. Could it be possible for Keyholes in the Realm of Darkness to be there? I don't think or know we ever found out, but...
  15. Roxie1563

    Roxie's Journal Thoughts~

    I thought it would serve me well to write my thoughts down. So, without any further ado.. Day 1: It's the first day of my journal of thoughts that hid within deep of my mind and heart. Right now, my mind and my heart is full of questions as it pertains to life in general. It seems that lately...
  16. Roxie1563

    Help with Vexen~

    Hey, I'm having a hard time trying to beat Vexen in Twlight Town and no matter what I do, I just can't seem to end his life! I'm wondering if it's actually possible to beat him.. I would like any kind of help and is easy enough to beat him down. :)
  17. Roxie1563

    Another Civil War...?

    Let me tell you before I give my opinion: this is just a friendly discussion, nothing more, okay? :) I have been watching the news about the Gun control Ban and what happened to Boston and it made me think: How long before things come to an head? How long before it reaches to another Civil...
  18. Roxie1563

    'Alternative' Universes and Opposites

    I have been thinking about this for most of the day and so I ask you this: What would it be like if you went to an alternative universe where everything is the opposite and you meet yourself? What would you do there? Would you try to correct a few things or leave as it is? So, please give me...
  19. Roxie1563

    A Question..

    I have a question: In KH1, in Atlantica, King Triton told Sora about him medding in other worlds' affair. Well, how did he know about the Keyblade and other worlds in the first place? Could it be Mickey..? Or someone else before Sora (beside the BBS Trio)?
  20. Roxie1563

    What would be your Fate?

    I'm not sure if this has been said before and I searched for anything related to this, but can't find it.. My question is this: What would be your fate if this happened to you? Would you let Xehanort possess your body for his own means or would you willing shatter your own heart and in a coma...