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  1. redcrown

    News ► A Look Back: KINGDOM HEARTS Ultimania Gallery Comments Part 1

    I know it's not encouraged to post in old threads but I was wondering what Ultimanias are these translated from?
  2. redcrown

    Politics Florida governor just screwed over Disney as punishment for being "woke"

    I'm not so sure about that, they still "need" to cater to Russian and Chinese markets, although I'm surprised about them bringing Love Victor to Disney+ so who knows.
  3. redcrown

    Jeff Grubb expects Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event to happen this Spring

    I've sort of started to prefer the side games (or at least some particular ones) over the the main numbered titles in recent years; mostly I guess cause they felt like they were allowed the freedom to have unconventional plots and underrated Disney properties as worlds, and focus on individual...
  4. redcrown


    TLOU2 made me realize Joel was completely right in saving Ellie at the end of the first game, I was morally on the fence about it before.
  5. redcrown

    KH Unsolved Mysteries

    How were the pods Sora Donald and Goofy were sleeping in Castle Oblivion transferred to Twilight Town? How far into Namine's memory restoration did it happen, was progress interrupted during the move? Did AtW have to build his secret lab to accommodate or was it already there? Also what was the...
  6. redcrown

    What would you change about KH:DDD story?

    I'm not sure I would majorly change anything besides the time travel and recusent sigil lore (which felt randomly attached and unneeded just to expand the lore for it's own sake). I've said before I think the concept of the Sleeping Realm, worlds, and power of dreams was a wasted and...
  7. redcrown

    What would you change about the KH1 story?

    Wasn't that already happening with the Riku-Ansem vs Sora battle in Hollow Bastion? Not that I'm against using the Crumbling Island battle, it looked so cool and prime for more Ansem mocking Sora using Riku's body and knowledge of his downfall.
  8. redcrown

    What would you change for KHCOM story?

    Riku interacting with the Disney chracters and revealing what he was up to more in KH1 is good, but I dont think its enough on its own. I feel his story needed actual flashbacks of his hidden emotional journey and fall to darkness, like how he met Ansem on DI and was guided on how to open the...
  9. redcrown

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    I mean that already is the case if KH3+ReMind is anything to go by, as sad as it is. Him being confirmed to be in love with Sora but accepting it won't be reciprocated the same way is still something of a victory in reading his character as gay, in a long running Disney franchise at that, even...
  10. redcrown

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    If Riku's fate is to be either single or paired up with a female love interest, I rather him be single. I couldn't handle it if that boy was straightwashed. In fact, as much as I've been wanting Soriku through the years, since it's unlikely to become canon especially now with ReMind, I would be...
  11. redcrown

    Predictions for the next Kingdom Hearts Game

    KH Mario Party/Command Board game, with all the characters and worlds. I would take even a generic KH racing game over a Lego KH game, I'm just not a fan of everything and everyone being brick shaped.
  12. redcrown

    What community do you guys distance yourself from?

    I distance myself from every community so that I won't be able to ruin others good time and spaces by intruding with my presence.
  13. redcrown

    Your KH headcanon

    Riku is my favorite Disney Princesses
  14. redcrown

    Film ► Unpopular Disney opinions!

    My favorite dtv sequel was The Little Mermaid 2. I actually liked Melody more than Ariel, and she had a goal I could relate to and understand(who wouldn't want to be a mermaid if you knew they existed? Though child me didn't know how terrifying ocean life is lol).
  15. redcrown

    Film ► Unpopular Disney opinions!

    I've never been a huge fan of The Little Mermaid. I don't actually hate it (I'm growing to appreciate it a bit more over time) and I don't think it's a bad film at all, I just never clicked with Ariel and always lost interest when she turned into a human and hung out with the regular people in...
  16. redcrown

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    I don't remember this but it feels super familiar. Was it that text bubble she had in Traverse Town telling Sora how "Riku will be fine he can handle it"? When he was possessed by the big bad and casted to the realm of darkness lol.
  17. redcrown

    Kingdom Hearts Series PC Modding Thread

    Impossible mod I want; characters like Riku and Aqua to have actual poses when Sora flashes his camera at them. Why is it only Disney characters could have fun little reactions to getting their picture taken? I know that requires basically animating whole new movements not in the game but now...
  18. redcrown

    News ► Nomura: "There is no connection between" Kingdom Hearts III and NEO: TWEWY

    All the criticisms of TWEWY's characters implementation in DDD is completely valid, but it's hard for me to dislike their inclusion completely since the interactions between Riku and Joshua were glorious. I just wished most of their dialogue wasn't mostly about explaining the lore mechanics...
  19. redcrown

    When Are You Going To Buy A PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    I never planned to buy one, but if the price drops considerably in the future and there's enough games I want to play on it, then maybe I will. I bought the ps4 when it was $300-$250 in the mid-late 2010's, so I guess if I ever get one it'll be in ten years lol.
  20. redcrown

    Does anyone play nier? and why is a nier replicant trophy transphobic?

    Not trying to derail the topic here but Quentin Tarantino has gone beyond having uncomfortable fetishes in his creations and is a full on rape apologist, in the truest sense of the word. He's publicly defended Roman Polanski for his horrible crime and claimed that his victim had asked for it...