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  1. this is weird

    haven't done graphic design of any kind in years now, feels like anyway
  2. hysteric

    mobile photography. enjoy. all photos taken on an LG G2 using VSCO Cam to edit. no other processing work done
  3. i can't make you love me

    few personal, a selfie, and the chariot. enjoy
  4. american football

    just a lot of personal portraiture. not sure how much interest there is in any of this anymore and a little video i shot. the talent it her's, not mine in this. still, it's something dOuWk-VkoMs
  5. for what it's worth, i'm sorry

    and at the end, i swear i'm trying. haven't had much time to take photos lately, but I've given it a shot. all shot digital except for the 3rd canon eos 60d 50mm f/1.8
  6. going down swinging

    Okay so, fun story time but not really. My occupation allows me (nay-- forces me) to travel quite a bit but my work is very dirty and dangerous, so I don't get to bring my camera along with me. However, thanks to social media I can quickly take photos and share them with Instagram. I'm not...
  7. Personal Website / Portfolio

    Hey all, it's been a long time! I haven't posted on these forums for a while, regularly or otherwise, for quite a while. I've been posting in DM even less so, at least compared to my sparce activity in TM. However, I've been doing quite a lot lately and have put together a website to showcase...
  8. Whatever You Like

    So this is more film oriented, but i shot a video for some girls my friend knows for a cover of T.I.'s 'Whatever You Like." It was done in a rush because it was last minute and i didn't have a monopod or anything to help me stabilize so please excuse the shakiness, it was terribly cold and...
  9. West Coast Smoker

    West Coast Smoker by ~oursunkencolony on deviantART Enjoy.
  10. what the water gave me

    done with a .5mm mechanical pencil and cheap paper. done with a 001 Micron pen and colored in Photoshop. Here's the uncolored sketch for this piece
  11. Sora fan art, for once.

    http://oursunkencolony.deviantart.com/art/Dearly-Beloved-272683078 yee?
  12. Just some more shots I guess

    Heck yeah fake-ass studio lighting.
  13. Niggas in Paris

  14. It's a Plague

    http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6161/6245361426_97e5813634_b.jpg decided to try a bit of good old fashioned graphic design today. enjoy? or not i mean whatever
  15. Momentum

    landscapes were shot using a Canon 60D with a 24-70mm f/2.8 L series lens portraiture done using a 50mm f/1.8 lens Comments welcome, ya know.
  16. Vive! Viva! Vivat!

    can't decide between the two versions of the fox
  17. cute without the 'e' (wilmington, north carolina)

    Took a two-week trip out to wilmington, north carolina and got, what i think to be, a few good shots of the natural scenery. the last is a self-portrait again shot with a canon eos 60D and a 50mm f/1.8 lens
  18. Disappointed? I know you are.

    got to shoot the chariot again last night. shot using a canon 60d and a 50mm f/1.8
  19. i'm still amazed