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  1. Euphoria

    I made arts

    Well hello thur, KHI. I am bored and decided that I will share some of my art with you - aren't you lucky? :I I am a painting major (I get so many distant stares when I tell people that) and I'm still in the beginnings of the education..sorta...so there's a lot of still lives and whatnot which I...
  2. Euphoria

    Hello hello

    Mmmyes. So, I highly doubt anyone recognizes/remembers me but, hullo again, I am Euphoria or Cait...possibly both, d'ohoh. I was on the site staff for a very short time until I ran into some rather annoying personal issues that hindered me from working on the site...or just visiting the site...
  3. Euphoria

    omg clay :c

    Suppp guise. I haven't been that active recently, and after this weekend I probably won't be for a while. :c Nyeh, well, I decided to make this thread because I'm finally starting to get back into art (two-three hours a day at school, man) and it's awesome. I take humanities which is a crap...
  4. Euphoria

    Help/Support ► SAT 2009

    I'm taking the SATs for the third time next month. I'm a horrible test taker in general, but sitting in room for several hours is not my cup of tea. First time I took it, I had more math sections than I did English, and I am incredibly weak in math so my scores weren't the best. Plus, I was a...
  5. Euphoria

    FF characters in BBS

    Please post any sort of 'Final Fantasy in KH' questions or comments in the official thread; http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/117581-official-final-fantasy-kh-thread.html It'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :D
  6. Euphoria

    Help/Support ► Discipline? School work? ergh.

    krexia and sunofdiamonds have pointed out the best ways to get yourself to do your school work, in my opinion. I was in the same boat as you in my sophomore year of high school -- unmotivated, couldn't concentrate on a single thing, and spent my entire time online and figured I could wake up...
  7. Euphoria

    Terra and M.X

    Answer. Nomura said family doesn't have a role in the Kingdom Hearts games.
  8. Euphoria


    Oy. Congrats on beating Sephy, but please don't start a thread about it unless you have something to discuss about him--not just stating that you beat him, mkay? Closing.
  9. Euphoria

    Dream Weapons/Awakening?

    :I Question answered. Going to close this thread now~
  10. Euphoria

    oh hey >:

    I haven't posted art in a long time, but now that my art classes are over, I can at least show what I've been working on for the past few months or so. One of the assignments I had to work on was painting designs onto furniture. I chose a simple wooden chair and I decided to paint fruits on the...
  11. Euphoria

    Kairi's Keyblade Theory. (358/2 Days Spoilers.)

    Gonna close this, I don't like where this thread was going. =/ [Closed]
  12. Euphoria

    Very Puzzling About Some Characters..

    Moved this to the spoilers section. Just be more careful where you place your threads next time, kay? C:
  13. Euphoria

    Doodles & what-not

    I haven't had any art up for a while, but I got a new scanner today and needless to say, I'm using it. Anyways, I've been doodling around, I have a bad habit of not finishing stuff but it gets done eventually. I started this today...
  14. Euphoria

    Side View~

    So, I still lack a scanner, so I'm stuck with using a camera for now. Anyways, we're drawing self portraits in my art class so we can paint them with complimentary colors. ex; purple and yellow, orange and blue, green and red etc. My first two drawings were at three-quarter and frontal views...
  15. Euphoria

    Hands & Feet

    It's been awhile, yes? I lack a scanner since I recently moved, and have been stuck with a crappy digital camera which made my pictures look icky. But all has changed. I got a pretty sweet camera for my birthday, and it takes wonderful quality pictures. c: BUT ONTO DA ART, YO. In my art...
  16. Euphoria

    Wow it has been a while, yes?

    Mhmm, I'm not sure if anyone remembers who I am, but Caitlynn is back. Wow, it just occurred to me that in July, this will be my fourth year here. O.o I feel old, haha. I'm becoming very drifty towards this forum, and I think it's my lack in ability to socialize, and yet I love talking to...
  17. Euphoria

    Question [iPod related - le gasp-]

    Aye, so here's the story; I had all my iTunes loaded onto my laptop. I come home one day and all the memory on my laptop had been dumped and it was unusable from that point on. I loaded iTunes onto another computer in our house since I would be using it from now on. I had about 600 songs and a...
  18. Euphoria

    Woven.Chains//Kingdom Hearts RP] OOC + Sign-Ups

    [.Woven.Chains.] --A Kingdom Hearts Role-Play— The Unknown Story --Backround //Long before the sun peeked over the horizon of an island that beheld destinies. Long before the adventure of three unlikely friends began to find the ones they care about the most. Long before an oath was kept and...
  19. Euphoria


    Has anyone heard music from the artist, Mika? I don't think I've ever heard anyone sing like him before. He can get his voice to a very high pitch...but I think it sounds wonderful in his songs. =D His voice to me sounds unique in a way. This is a video to one of his songs called "Grace...
  20. Euphoria

    Person Playing KH2:FM+ Live

    Omg...watching you play is making me want to. >_>