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  1. Annoyance

    Nearly two decades nostalgia

    Hey HB. Hope you're doing well. It's been a damn while.
  2. Annoyance

    Nearly two decades nostalgia

    It was a contest that people would enter to have their selfies go against other peoples' selfies in a ranked voting match to see who was the hottest among us. Usually adults would win if memory serves, at least, but not always. Problematic in the sense that it was not only a popularity contest...
  3. Annoyance

    Nearly two decades nostalgia

    Ah, most likely not then. I left pretty much around 2015/2016 when I started going to college finally. I mostly kept to the writing section toward the end. During my most frequent visits I stayed out of the KH section because I just absorbed what was going on with the KH story through osmosis. I...
  4. Annoyance

    Nearly two decades nostalgia

    Yes though most of us came initially as fans (one or two did not). We just really liked having a chat room for us to connect. Eventually we all grew up, maybe didn't hate KH, but our obsessions and focuses changed with us. But we had community here, some of us worked here, we had friends here...
  5. Annoyance

    Nearly two decades nostalgia

    Thanks! And yeah, it kinda hit us like a train. I didn't even know for a month after the fact due to how Facebook likes to hide "negative" posts. Horrid website. And don't get me wrong, things are... Okay. I'm still kinda dealing with bs due to being unemployed and carless but hey my bachelor's...
  6. Annoyance

    Nearly two decades nostalgia

    Also returning with a hot take, HotH was probably the worst idea we did here as a community because we had kids competing against full grown adults most of the time and it got Weird. Definitely created some hang ups for me while I was still figuring out that I was capable of being hot. lmaoooo
  7. Annoyance

    Nearly two decades nostalgia

    Oh believe me I'm aware of the bullies. Some of them put me through a lot more than I should have been at that age, but also in the same breath, a lot of them were there for me during some really hard stuff. Think there's mostly just one regular among them that I'd be thankful to never speak to...
  8. Annoyance

    Nearly two decades nostalgia

    I was reminiscing about my old internet days. I joined Jan 20th in 2004. That's such a long time ago that I don't think 13 year old me could ever see what I have become now. I went to college, I'm a published writer. I was thinking about this place, though. The good and the bad, thinking about...
  9. Annoyance

    Reflecting on 16 years on this forum (aka the "once a decade post")

    Oh I'm around occasionally but usually just click around when nostalgia hits me. I was actually chatting with the #junes crew and was clicking around and found this post, remembering the old crew we hung around. I hope you're doing well. Send me a DM sometime. I'm on Discord. And don't worry, I...
  10. Annoyance

    Stolen Definitions [Non-Fiction] [Reflection] [Content Warning]

    [[CW: Sexual assault, dubious consent, etc.]] Entering my third year of high school, I wanted nothing more than to be loved. Absolutely nothing was important to me; not grades, not friends, not my drawings. I feverishly read horrible romance novels and comics, wishing for that to be me. I was...
  11. Annoyance

    Kools [Non-Fiction] [Short Story]

    The first time I smoked a cigarette, I was in love. Not the warm melting feeling, but the sticky mess that happens when it’s the wrong time, wrong place, and the both of you are horrid for each other. The blackness in my heart stole me many times but I ended that particularly long overnight...
  12. Annoyance

    My Piece of Shit Car [Non-Fiction] [Flash]

    You got your first car around when I met you. The abuse from an unstable confused teenager is still shown in the cracks and paint, dents from other people, you said. It still runs, but it’s mine now. The scars are gone from your fast and furious disclaimer do not try this at home or in a...
  13. Annoyance

    The Lights in the Jar [fiction]

    I've been wanting to write something like this theme for a while, and I plan on getting it published in my college's lit mag next semester so I'd like any advice, critique, advice, compliments, attention, etcetcetc. Thanks friends. If you'd like to support it on Medium, you can find it here...
  14. Annoyance

    Help/Support ► Homesickness?

    First off I want to say that I'm sorry you're going through this, for what it's worth. I haven't went through this but have seen some friends go through this instead and it's hard because there isn't much you can do other than move on and be very grateful for the memories and life that you have...
  15. Annoyance

    Help/Support ► Need help with a possible purchase

    How frequently do you want to go back to them? The Vita isn't a bad choice and not to mention I think the ports for VII and VIII are better anyway? They look better at least on a smaller screen imo than on a PC monitor. I'd just buy them again as you play through them rather than replacing all...
  16. Annoyance

    The Stone House [Final version]

    I've been working on this one for some time now, and this is the version that has been submitted to two literary magazines recently. [I'll probably let you guys know if it gets in.] Please let me know what you think. I've put a lot of effort into this one.
  17. Annoyance

    Small little pieces.

    I have needed to make a thread for my writing for a really long time. Most of these are going to be from my Creative Writing class, some are from prompts, others are random things I've written down. If you're interested, ask me about it. If I feel a piece is fixed up enough to post a...
  18. Annoyance

    Kingdom Hearts CHARITY STREAM 12/27/15 (2 AM CST)

    We're already halfway there! He's had 3 peppers and is about to eat another as I type this.
  19. Annoyance

    Kingdom Hearts CHARITY STREAM 12/27/15 (2 AM CST)

    Less than 10 minutes and we're live, give or take some minutes for settling. Please link this around! We put a lot of effort into making this possible.
  20. Annoyance

    Kingdom Hearts CHARITY STREAM 12/27/15 (2 AM CST)

    It's all in the OP. It isn't happening until 2am central time.