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  1. ShadowXemnas

    9/6 Union χ JP Updates: Star Piece, Reprinted medals & avatar, various updates

    Anyone else not able to access the Survey in the Global version? There's a Feedback survey link up, but it goes to a "Survey not available" page. Really wanted to share my feedback regarding a number of things, since I popped back in for the Keyblade War.
  2. ShadowXemnas

    Facebook Backup and transfer Inquiry (NA Version)

    I'm getting a new phone soon due to recent events, I've never done a game transfer of this kind before, and there's nothing regarding what I need to know in the in-game menus. So I really need to know...when I download the app on the new phone, how exactly do I access the Facebook Backup so that...
  3. ShadowXemnas

    KH 2.8 E3 2016 Trailer Confirms Worldwide December 2016 Release

    Re: Aqua Reveals Her Face In New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer Coming December Looking back at the voice clips for the Black Coat Guy in the English trailer, I think it's the same guy for all three appearances, he just uses a different tone when talking to Ira. There's a rough edge in the voice...
  4. ShadowXemnas

    KH 2.8 E3 2016 Trailer Confirms Worldwide December 2016 Release

    Re: Aqua Reveals Her Face In New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer Oh man, 0.2 looks gorgeous! There are so many words I could use to describe the visuals, but none do it true justice. Just...damn, it looks great! Also Terra popping up. Time doing wonky things in the RoD, not even memories are...
  5. ShadowXemnas

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Announced

    Re: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue announced Wow...They really are gearing us up for KHIII, huh? Hopefully 1.5 and 2.5 will find their way onto the PS4 somehow so it really can be "The whole series on one system" like Nomura wanted IIRC. I was a little worried about how they'd...
  6. ShadowXemnas

    News ► Official KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMix Survey

    I asked if the Bosses in the series underwent any form of Beta Testing, whether by the Devs or actual players, during development. Mainly because the Mysterious Figure's fight still leaves a sour taste in my mouth, and I'd like to know if someone actually tested it and bosses like it in a...
  7. ShadowXemnas

    Are YOU getting KH3D?

    Most certainly. I have both game and guidebook preordered at Gamestop and fully paid off! I'm not getting the Mark of Mastery edition though, since I only had so much money and I really wanted the guidebook too, but a friend of mine is geting the MoM edition, so in the slim chance we'll be able...
  8. ShadowXemnas

    KHInsider @ E3 2012!

    That's pretty awesome. I can't wait for all the awesomeness tomorrow, on top of what they showed for the WiiU today. I'm sure you'll do great. I may not be around here as much as I used to be, but I still keep tabs on the news thanks to the FB page. I wonder how the forums have been...Last...
  9. ShadowXemnas

    KHInsider @ E3 2012!

    "I got you now!" Epic! KH got some love today!
  10. ShadowXemnas

    Your Dream Eater Team :)

    Koumori Bat and Meowjesty more than likely, but it'll likely change depending on what creatures get wich powers and whatnot...but only Meowjesty will be replaced. I will make a Koumori Bat, he shall be colored black and red, he shall be named Alucard, and he shall smite Nightmares with ease...
  11. ShadowXemnas

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced I'm naming mine Alucard. And coloring it Black and Red. And it will be a permanent member of my team. And the main Spirit I use in Flick rush. What can I say? I love bats.
  12. ShadowXemnas

    KH3D BradyGames Guide Information!

    Sweet! This means Gamestop should start Guidebook preorders soon. Guess I'll check in at my local Gamestop in a few days. The Guidebook was the one thing I was waiting on before finally preordering, since Gamestop offers a discount on the guide if you buy/preorder Game and Guide at the same...
  13. ShadowXemnas

    KH3D English Trailer Up!

    Sweet! At this point, I wasn't expecting an English trailer before E3, but at least I got my wish fulfilled! Now we just need a different trailer, and English Gameplay, at E3 and I'll be set. Oh, and a Trailer for the 3DS eShop :D. It really does sound like Jeff Bridges, but if it's someone...
  14. ShadowXemnas

    Nintendo Direct Conference - April 21 2012!

    Sweet. First english stuff up. Komory Bat, huh? Alucard will sound better :D. Is the update for the 3DS just in japan, or wil it release in all territories at once? That's the one thing I can't figure out...
  15. ShadowXemnas

    TGS Trailer officially released! (JP and Eng. Subbed trailers in first post)

    Just watched the sub trailer. Loving Everything!!! It doesn't look like the AR feature needs cards, which'll be awesome. That Drop minigame somewhat reminds me of Pooh's Hunny Slide from KHII...That was pretty fun. Having experience with that and R&C:UYA's dropship freefalls will help give me an...
  16. ShadowXemnas

    New Gameplay Footage - Notre Dame World & Mini-Boss Fight

    Those vids were awesome! Indeed, the person playing it doesn't appear to play well, and I would've liked to see the Reality Shift feature myself, but getting to see Riku fly was freaking awesome! I love flying... The Bat and the Goat were pretty cool looking, and I did notice the Panda creature...
  17. ShadowXemnas

    KH3D shown briefly on 3DS conference

    Okay, so it appears Sora's new clothes are a mix of KHI and KHII. I really like the concept it holds, bringing the past and future together like that. Kinda sad there's no Riku, but he'll show up later this week, I'm sure. The one party member really does look like Goofy, but I can't tell if...
  18. ShadowXemnas

    Sora and Riku's new duds.

    Hey everyone, long time no see. The new outfit looks awesome! I'm a little surprised we got new info this soon, I wasn't expecting anything for a few more days. Epic.
  19. ShadowXemnas

    wait what?

    I am constantly surprised at the existence of Trolls on the internet. How do they get electricity under their bridges? It boggles the mind...
  20. ShadowXemnas

    Hello again my fellow....Moogles?

    Yo, ShadowXemnas here. I know I haven't been here in a while, but sadly KHInsider doesn't work well on my PSP's browser and the desktop at my house is so slow, I don't even try with it. Now I have access to a computer with far superior capabilities, decide to see if anything's new during the...