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  1. Sashimimi

    What plan does M.O.M. have for Sora?

    I personally favor the theory that Sora himself is the M.O.M. Certainly pretty out there but I think the theory has its merits. Other than that I really don’t know! Anything up for game at this point in time.
  2. Sashimimi

    Fanfiction ► Fanfic Recs!

    Hi! I’m an avid fanfic reader and writer! But I’ve always had a bit of a struggle finding good Kingdom Hearts fics I haven’t already read. I mainly use ao3 but I also have found a few good ones on Fanfic.net. I am willing for suggestions from any cite, just please leave the cite name as well as...
  3. Sashimimi

    Who’s your favorite character from each trio?

    Destiny Island Trio: Sora, always Sora. Always will be Sora. I don’t think I have to explain why. Sea Salt Trio: It used to be Axel, and then it was Roxas, but now I kind of like Xion more. It’s hard to choose between them since I love all three. Axel is a riot, Roxas is cool, but Xion just...
  4. Sashimimi

    I’m new here! Sorta…

    Basically I’ve known kingdom hearts my entire life. I lived with my grandma and aunty who played it together! My grandma would read the guide book and my aunty would do the actual playing. So kingdom hearts will always be something rooted deep inside of my heart! My grandma sadly passed and...