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  1. darren

    What the heck is Mushroom Kingdom Hearts???

    Okay, so I was reading my latest issue of EGM magazine, and I saw this article called "Mushroom Kingdom Hearts." And I thought...wtf? Apparently its a game exclusive to the Wii, that features over 41 FF characters, and guess what, Mario. I was pretty mad, cas I expecting to buy KHIII for the...
  2. darren

    Mythril Items

    Is anyone else having trouble getting Mythril supplys? I'm pretty sure you can't find them after defeating an enemy, but you can synthesize most of them. Is there an easier way to get them?
  3. darren

    underdrome help

    If you've completed the other cups, you'll need to get all your Drive Forms to Lvl 7, also you'll need to get your Summons to Lvl 7. When you do that it'll be unlocked.
  4. darren

    Olympus Tournaments Help!

    Theres alot of these threads, I bet one of these days we should make a memberse helping members section eh? Anyways...make sure you've beaten Xemnes' first form like inhiding said, that should do the trick.
  5. darren


    Thats pretty hard to beleive lol, seeing as Sweet Memories is the weakest keyblade in the game, either that your or really good. I beat him at level 70 with Gull Wing, Standard Mode
  6. darren

    Enemy Spawn Guide? (help please)

    Hey, I know theres a guide that tells us what worlds certain enemy's show up in, but does any body have a guide of which rooms? I need one Twilight Gem, and it comes from Assasins. I know they're in Twilight Town and TWTNW somewhere, but i can never find them, the Battle Lv's are 47 and 50. Can...
  7. darren

    THE OFFICIAL "Little things I found wrong with kh2" THREAD

    I didn't like how they changed Destiny Island to Destiny ISLANDS. Did more islands just magically appear?
  8. darren

    all KH2 non-spoiler questions here!

    No offence, but pretty much everyone here has watched tonnes of videos of cutscenes, the only difference is that some people have actually played it. Anyways, I guess if you want the help I can help out too, but I havent played it either, Luke will have to cover those.
  9. darren

    Blindfolds Aside

    Hey, I was watchin Much Music the other night, and theres a new video out by Protest the Hero, the songs called Blindfolds Aside. You probably won't find it yet, but soon it'll be out on youtube and probably MTV.com. But I brought it up cause when they're playing in the video, they're all...
  10. darren

    kh2 for the psp

    Yeah, it wouldn't be as good, but then again they did make a KH1 for cellphones did they not?
  11. darren

    Kairi and Naminé (SPOILERS)

    Re: Kairi and Naminé (SPOILERS) Remember when they used to carve(draw) in the cave on Destiny Island, with rocks and stuff, do you think this was like the early stages of her power, or do you think we're jsut way off here?
  12. darren

    Kairi and Naminé (SPOILERS)

    Re: Kairi and Naminé (SPOILERS) Oh, I thought that thier hearts had returned to them when Sora did that. And that they lost thier hearts when Kingdom Hearts was opened. Or whatever they opened in Hollow Bastion. And thats why they needed them.
  13. darren

    Kairi and Naminé (SPOILERS)

    Re: Kairi and Naminé (SPOILERS) Hmm, your probably right about the Naminé thing, but I'm still not sure about the Princess'.
  14. darren

    Kairi and Naminé (SPOILERS)

    Kairi and Naminé (SPOILERS) Spoilers ------------------ Okay, some one correct me if I'm wrong, but Naminé is Kairi's Shell correct? She was created in Hollow Bastion when Sora unlocked his heart with the (not sure of the name, but the one that unlocks peoples hearts) to bring back Kairi and...
  15. darren

    Kingdom Hearts in Disney World

    Hey, I was just wondering if there is anything on KH in Disney World. Im going there in the summer and I was just wondering if anyone knew if they sold any KH merchandise or anything like that? Its the one in Florida by the way.
  16. darren

    Better Quality of Sora vs ----

    Cool, I think I've seen this before, but like it says its better quality. I wonder why Roxas drags his keyblades? It makes him look lazy :S.
  17. darren

    ------- New Images From The Game ------

    I like the new gummi ship...um, world map? im not sure thats the right word, but where you pick which world to travel to, its 3D :) much nicer than KH1's
  18. darren

    *SPOILER.. I THINK* About Roxas's Keyblades

    Well I havent played the game but I don't think you can use any Keyblades from the original KH other than Kingdom Key (I may be wrong). I think these keyblades are different ones given to him by one of the Organization members. Correct me if I'm wrong
  19. darren

    Xaldin's Kingdom Hearts II FAQ

    Re: Xaldin's Kinddom Hearts II FAQ You'll probably have to play it eventually. Well I havent played the game, but why would they put it in if people could skip it?
  20. darren

    Asem's Other Report 7

    Whoa....that was a whole lot of info right there. Very good work MyInnerFred. I hope the game explains it more slowly cause its still really confusing.