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    How Xion MAY have come to be

    Nyaa, how many Nobodies do Sora and Kairi need? Nomura needs a new plot device or something.
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    Fanfiction ► Writing Competition - Voting!

    Is there no prize for Snowysnow? There has to be a prize, yo.
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    Help/Support ► How to buy japanese stuff online

    Type in your favourite search engine. Type in the keywords. Scroll the results until you see a site to buy the game on. Make an account on whatever site. Give your credit card number. Order it. Wait however long. Sign off on your package when it arrives at your house. Deal with whatever other...
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    Help/Support ► Help me Choose

    Quoted for truth. How the hell did you completely change sexualities in the time span of a week? And why are you asking a forums for advice? No one here cares.
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    Marluxia's Element

    To add to this: in Japanese culture, the fall of cherry blossom petals has always been related to death for quite a few reasons - not only does it symbolise the death of the flower, but of the death due to pollen allergies (the month during which cherry blossoms bloom is a reference to death -...
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    Sora a MURDERER?

    This thread reminds me of abortion debates. You have some people who say that because an unborn child has never had a life and was never sentinent or self aware or whatever they use to defend their point, getting an abortion isn't murder; those against abortion say that because the child is...
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    Terra and Axel?

    No. There are too many threads on this pointless topic already - please read through the forums before creating a new thread.
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    Fanfiction ► What's a beta?

    I would love to beta if you needed one, feel free to ask.
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    ~ anyone on this site ever beat sephiroth?

    Who hasn't beaten Sephiroth? I was at level 49 when I beat him on KH2, all that level 99 + preparation is far from necessary.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts-A Normal Life-

    You know you posted this twice, right? Have a mod delete one or else people will get confused.
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    Help/Support ► My retarded school

    Grading scale for my entire city: A: 100 - 94 B: 93 - 86 C: 85 - 79 D: 78 - 70 E: 69 and below
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    Isn't Marluxia amazing!?

    Uh, no, not really. He's really kinda pathetic in my opinion.
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    Huge GAP in Kh story?

    Lol, Hades, always going to point out flaws, ne? Something had told me to mention Darksides (and then later Invisibles) but I didn't want to bother with an edit. I need to go play KH1 /KH2 ... haven't even looked at the game since... the day after KH2 came out?
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    Huge GAP in Kh story?

    If I remember correctly, Shadow Heartless and NeoShadow Heartless are the only true Heartless (as in they are the only ones formed when someone loses their heart); all the other Heartless that have emblems are artificial Heartless created by the machines in Hallow Bastion (or wherever Xehanort's...
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    Fanfiction ► Goodnight

    First post! It's nicely written, dear, just in some places, the description drags it down and makes it slow to read. But it's really good for all in one go, no editing or anything.
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    Fanfiction ► Writing activity

    It was like the rain was falling. The tiny prin-picks against my skin in the darkness as the breeze blew against my face. I was aware of everything, every movement in that immediate space. A flutter. It pinged against my brow for a moment before sliding down my face. “Seems like I got you a...
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    Marluxia....giant noob?

    Marluxia is pathetic in every sense of the word. Seriously.
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    Fanfiction ► KH:TFF... The Sequel...

    I am late for the party? No fair! Damn you, Snow, and your end of story cliffies. I'll never feel the same towards you again... I <3 you more! What I really want to know is, what was that big flying thing the other peoples saw? Was it the gummi ship, or something completely unrelated? And...
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    Fanfiction ► KH: Orginazation 15

    It's pathetic how people think to make fanfictions without characters - all it leads to is mountains of fanservice. Honestly, if you can't make your own characters, you don't need to be making fanfiction. Sorry, this is nothing directed to you specifically, it's just annoying as hell to see...
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    names question!

    It's both land and shore. Seriously. I've gone through all the Japanese dictionaries I own (which is like, five) just to find all the possible meanings of the 'riku' reading, both meanings are interchangeable. You know, I've always found it funny how no one ever seems to realise the other...