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  1. LeonesFangs

    They were self-taught again?

    because he is cahoots win xehanort lol J/K
  2. LeonesFangs

    What was Demyx's plan?

    Well we know it prevents you from being tracked by nobodies easily and that it a means of resistance against darkness or when passing to means of darkness like dark portals.
  3. LeonesFangs

    They were self-taught again?

    Also, You know something has always bugged me about Yen Sid since recoded and birth by sleep. The fact that he has always been spot on about Xehanort's goals and ambitions and what he will do next. It's like he allowed a lot of the stuff in DDD to transpire sort of intentionally, which is bizarre.
  4. LeonesFangs

    What was Demyx's plan?

    Oh yeah, I had totally forgotten that in the underworld heroes cant function properly but then again wouldnt the black coat prevent him from being cursed?
  5. LeonesFangs

    What was Demyx's plan?

    Chances are he wasint there when roxas left or i'm assuming when he see's Sora he essentially sees his Roxas form instead of Sora. Roxas is the flesh (nobody) of Sora. As for the Olympus Stone it probably one of the goals the organization assigned for him there. The organization DOES function...
  6. LeonesFangs

    They were self-taught again?

    It basically meant you have to level back down and return to level 0 essentially not forget the concept of having a keyblade that is. :P
  7. LeonesFangs

    They were self-taught again?

    I think it was because they were trained like the keyblade masters in BBS relying on command decks rather then straight up aggressive strategy. I would compare the scenario in DDD to the Hyperbolic time chamber in DBZ. A means of training in a limited amount of time while also providing help for...
  8. LeonesFangs

    Thinking about buying this game.

    What type of games did you play before out of curiousity?
  9. LeonesFangs


    Long Time Lurker!! Started posting more just today!! How's it Happening?:wink:
  10. LeonesFangs

    What happened to Terra's heart?

    Master Xehanort is just another Yukio Oikawa from Digimon 02 and to some extent Sephiroth as well. He is infecting many people with seeds of himself so they not only become Xehanort clones but also be easier to control and brainwash by deluding them into believing in fanaticism. Nazi-Politics...
  11. LeonesFangs

    Why is Roxas not recognized as Ventus?

    Of course not! 10+ years passed between birth by sleep and 358/2 days. I don't think many people would remember the appearance of someone they knew for only a fraction of that time period and what I would assume would span a couple of days. Meaning Ven was barely in Olympus coliseum for lets...