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  1. Antisoul

    News ► Vincent Corazza and Richard Epcar Not Reprising Roles in KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX?

    As much as I love Epcar's voice, I am partial to Billy Zane. He just did an awesome job with Ansem and I was actually heart broken when KH2 came along and Zane was gone :( But Epcar has grown on me since then, so I won't be upset either way heh...
  2. Antisoul

    News ► Recording Begins for KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX!

    I am seriously stoked about this /)^3^(\ Not 3 hours ago, I was searching all the cracks and crevices of google for info about an English dub of this game..
  3. Antisoul

    My Opinion on KH3D

    Flowmotion was definitely tons of fun! I would love to see Riku keep it in the next game, but with less emphasis. It worked so well because they were in Dream worlds, and even though Riku is pretty much a Dream Eater, I could see it being transferred over into the 'real world' pretty easily if...
  4. Antisoul

    A wild Antisoul appears!!

    Greetings KHi! I'm Antisoul (-Snape voice- ..ob-vi-ous-ly...), but feel free to call me by my nickname, L.J (: Long ago in the ancient days of old, I had a forum account here and all that jazz. Don't ask what my name was, because I have had so many forum aliases, I could not even begin to tell...