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  1. Lutchi

    Nomura on KHX Back Cover & Unchained X, Big Hero 6 in Kingdom Hearts 3

    I hope we can fight MoM as a Test and optain his keyblade with a awesome OP transformation
  2. Lutchi

    Famitsu Interview with Nomura - Kingdom Hearts 2.8 to use KH3 tech

    Well, if they make the world open and big as KHIII, then i think there will be alot to do. Also even its only one world, they they can fill it with lots of things to do, like special bosses, rare drops like new keyblades and so on and since they want to include mechanics from KHIII, i think...
  3. Lutchi

    Kingdom Hearts III Riku playable

    What do you guys think will happen, Riku as a team-member or parts of the game were you play him instead of Sora or even to possiblity to swtich between Sora or Riku at any time ? And you think to same will apply for Kairi?