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  1. Shoxir

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Official North America Autographed Lithograph Contest!

    Anyone check gamestop's twitter? They're giving away 2 more of these!
  2. Shoxir

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    lol unless he glitches in the secret portal too. Probably not, just got to the end of Pranksters Paradise with Riku, didn't glitch this time. I wish I was recording it XP
  3. Shoxir

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Well I encountered a pretty odd glitch. I was playing as Riku in Critical Mode in The Grid. I lost to world's boss so I grinded for 3-4 levels and challenged the boss again. But at the start of the battle, I automatically won. Just as the battle starts, it ended without even landing a hit. Maybe...
  4. Shoxir

    Some Confusion [Spoilers]

    Re: Confusion with Lea in Dream Drop Distance. Spoilers. In my opinion Mickey has the most rounded ears. Maybe Ansem does have rounder ears, I'll need to check, never really paid attention to him.
  5. Shoxir

    First Let's Play, Feedback?

    Ah, 3DS games are so hard to make Let's Plays for. However, you do seem to have a great camera for it, so the quality was really above average! A suggestion I have to increase audio quality would be to connect the 3DS to your computer (through the 3DS's headphone jack) and record the audio on...
  6. Shoxir

    What if...

    lol it makes just as much sense as everyone else's theories. People don't like it any less because some awesome guy on the internet posts something that actually makes sense. You are all going to be so jealous of my theories when we collect Xehanort's diary entries in KH 3. Weirder plot twists...
  7. Shoxir

    Regarding Master Xehanort

    More disappointing? If they do it at the beginning of KH 3. Like, after the tutorial, everyone sacrifices themselves. I can see that happening.
  8. Shoxir

    Regarding Master Xehanort

    Yeah, we all know the first thing Xehanort did with Terra's body. It's sad, but that's the world we live in (not literally. If it was literal, that would be awesome, my keyblade would look like a mixture of a shark from shark week and Ms Swan from Madtv. And like, my gummi ship would be a...
  9. Shoxir

    What if...

    A quote from the Disney Wiki, Sleeping death = death, not a coma. She wasn't breathing, she had a frigging funeral lol, but she was brought back to life by her true love. Who's to say Eraqus can't come back to life with true love's first kiss. AKA, MASTER XEHANORT BLEGHBLEGH KISSY KISSY lol
  10. Shoxir

    What if...

    Death can be easily reversed in Kingdom Hearts. In Birth By Sleep, Snow White died after eating a poisonous apple that slowly, but thouroughly, melted her insides. But she was brought back with the power of love. I think that deep down, one of the characters loves Eraqus enough that they would...
  11. Shoxir

    What if...

    Could be. Weirder things have happened. I have a strong feeling that Birth By Sleep was not the last time we'd see him.
  12. Shoxir

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have figured out through hours of playing that KH 3D had a secret animation that is only achieved after obtaining all of the trophies and inputting a different combination of answers at the end of the game (Different from the secret ending's combination) and, as far as I...
  13. Shoxir

    So Question Pertaining to Master Xehanort's Return...

    Hmmm.... At the end, Master Xehanort did say something like, "Sora and another on your list belong to me now." He was probably talking about Terra, so maybe he's being held captive by Xehanort? Or maybe he's one of the 13 seekers already.
  14. Shoxir

    Has This Become Anyone Else's Favorite Game?

    I say it's my favorite 3DS game. That's a lot when compared to some of the games out there. It's second overall, losing only to Birth By Sleep :3
  15. Shoxir

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    Re: Secret Boss Haha yeah well, I grinded for a few hours at the part of TWTNW at the part before anti black coat, I spent the entire time trying out different dream eaters and getting one to max affinity because I heard a rumor that it will make some of its abilities permanent... didn't work...
  16. Shoxir

    How to Enter the Sleeping Worlds

    They just had to add time travel... wouldn't it have been easier to just have everyone jump in the DeLorean, go back in time, and then put them to sleep? Maybe then Xehanort wouldn't have been able to interfere. Surprisingly this would make more sense than what we were given lol
  17. Shoxir

    How did you guys feel when....(SPOILERS)

    lol that's a little twisted. I honestly doubt anyone would want MX's body though haha
  18. Shoxir

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    Re: Secret Boss I beat him 3 times in a row without dying as Riku on Proud mode...... on level 96.....
  19. Shoxir

    How did you guys feel when....(SPOILERS)

    I feel like Xehanort can't be taken over, but his control can be fought. We're definitely getting a scene in KH 3 where Lea has a deep conversation with Isa, causing him to fight the control over his heart. Maybe Terra will fight to get his body back too...
  20. Shoxir

    How did you guys feel when....(SPOILERS)

    I had a sincere feeling of confusion and forced acceptance. The only reason he's in the game is because he's part of Xehanort? In the next game, they're definitely switching things up and making everyone part Xigbar instead. Imagine having 13 of him running around. More interesting than Xehanort lol