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  1. C4strife


    Started this about a month ago. Decided to finish it up today. Any comments or suggestions appreciated.
  2. C4strife


    I meant to finish this when her album came out, but school got the best of me. I kept on changing the background, and I'm still not sure if I completely like it. Oh well... CnC and whatever... just no gangnam style dancing. :tongue:
  3. C4strife

    I forget how to do this

    I haven't done anything in over a year, so this sig took way too long to do. I thought I'd try out a tutorial and maybe some 2D tech work. Without 2D tech work and text so ya whatever... Edit: Fixed sharpening a bit...
  4. C4strife

    Time for me to go (after over 2 years)

    It's been so long I've been here.. but yeah I think it's time for me to leave. Kingdomhearts2.net/KHI has been great to me for these past 2 years, but it's time for me to move on. I thank these forums for a lot of things... like getting me into Photoshop. Before I go I would like to...
  5. C4strife

    What media player do you use?

    I was just wondering what you guys use to play your music on your computer. I myself use: Winamp for audio files now... sometimes Windows media player for specific occassions. I basically on use Windows media player for Videos now. And trust me I have a lot of vids.
  6. C4strife

    Just Because... obsession

    Well I'm bored so I mind as well post something xP Well this is just how many BoA files I have on my computer if you are wondering. Music: Amount (size) published songs: 1.86GB Amount (files) published songs: 409 files # of fan made remixes: 4 files # of Japanese Singles: 23 (All) # of...
  7. C4strife

    LBG Assignment #1

    Okay since you guys have been bothering me so much I'll make an assignment. So basically I'll give you guys a choce. Either make an: - Animation (something unique and kick @$$ tho') - sig or splash that has a Christmas/Holiday/Winter theme to it. Due Date: before christmas XP (DEc. 25) C4 out.
  8. C4strife

    //Limit Break Gfx//

    .//Limit Break GFX//. THIS FORUM IS ACTING N00BISH AND WON'T LET ME CAPITALIZE ALL LETTERS IN THE TITLE XP LIMIT BREAK GFX TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Welcome to LImIT BReaK GFX (Formerly Ninjustu Designs) FULL. =( If...
  9. C4strife

    ND assignment 8...

    KK... Here we go. I think this will give UZ and I a good idea of where you guys are. So the assignment (if you choose to accept is): A basic sig but only using default tools or things you have made (if you have made your own brushes or renders you can use them) BASICALLY: NOTHING DOWNLOADED...
  10. C4strife

    BooYah It's my B-Day!

    Yeah! I'm finally 15... It's also my friend Balmung120's birthday too XP Meh... Now I'm only 3 years younger than BoA... but for only 5 days XP I just needed to get this out of my system
  11. C4strife

    Ninjustu Designs Assingment 6

    Theme: photomanip As suggested by Envyme2x... so just take like a picture and have fun with it. Just see what you can come up with. There's no real due date because I don't really want to rush you guys but please have it in ASAP (as I'm sure you guys will)