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  1. Roxas72

    Dualshock 4 compatibility?

    But, but... They said. :<
  2. Roxas72

    Dualshock 4 compatibility?

    That's awesome news! Thank you, guys!
  3. Roxas72

    Dualshock 4 compatibility?

    Quick question for all you lucky owners of the game! Does the Dualshock 4 (i.e PS4 controller) work properly with the game, this time around? I seem to remember some problems with I.5, making the game practically unplayable with a DS4. I'm sorry if this has already been asked before, but I...
  4. Roxas72

    Trophy stack?

    Great news, thanks for answering man.
  5. Roxas72

    Trophy stack?

    I couldn't find an answer for this anywhere, so I figured if I had to ask anyone directly; it would have to be someone that already owns II.5. Which I know for a fact, that someone here does. I've been dying to know, whether or not the difficulity trophies stack this time around? We all know...
  6. Roxas72

    News ► New KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Screenshots from 4Gamer!

    Wow, I get so nostalgic looking at this...
  7. Roxas72

    The Square Enix North American office elevators.

    Let's all take a deep breath and pause our wonderful favorite 3D game, for a few seconds. As an attempt to "pimp" up their elevators at the Square Enix HQ in El Segundo, CA; our beloved Square did what they call redecorating a bit. As it turns out, they got bored of their plain old...
  8. Roxas72

    IGN: What You Need to Know to Play Kingdom Hearts 3D

    An educational little read, I really enjoyed it. However for hardcore KH fans like us, this is nothing special... - I can imagine though, that this is an excellent read for people not fans of the series.
  9. Roxas72

    Getting ready for KH3D.

    'Ratchet & Clank: HD Collection' is all I have to say at this point. - Also I think I'll be done with Ratchet 3, by the end of tomorrow, so that's perfect. (European here.)
  10. Roxas72

    Square Enix 3DS Community Day in London

    Glad to hear, you enjoyed my little impression! Pictures should come up shortly, as soon as I can manage to plug the camera into the computer xD
  11. Roxas72

    Square Enix 3DS Community Day in London

    As said in the thread about the event; I was one of the lucky attendees. To be honest, it was one of those events where you had to be there, in order to enjoy the things that happened. For starters the only thing really exciting to tell you guys, was that they had the full game (Dream Drop...
  12. Roxas72

    Square Enix 3DS Community Day - KH3D playable!

    Just ordered the tickets, I will see youse there.
  13. Roxas72

    KH3D 10th Anniversary Box Contents Revealed!

    Oh, don't get me wrong. The content of the case is not bad at all. I guess my hopes were just a little too high, perhaps? I'd kill for those 12 postcards though...
  14. Roxas72

    KH3D 10th Anniversary Box Contents Revealed!

    Such a shame, I know! I had high hopes for this.
  15. Roxas72

    KH3D 10th Anniversary Box Contents Revealed!

    I am disappoint... I had really, really hoped for a HD remastering of KHI and KHII, perhaps even Re:CoM? Oh well, atleast a new game's dropping this year <3
  16. Roxas72

    DDD listed in 'Most-Wanted Games' by readers of Famitsu

    Mario Kart 7 is on the list, man. It's third xD.
  17. Roxas72

    Username change... Please?

    Who's butt do I kiss, to get a username change around here? I've seen the username change thread, don't direct me to it I am not a premium member yet. My problem really is that, as you mayhaps can see, my username is Roxas72. It suuucks, I'm sick and tired of it, and it just looks uncool. It...
  18. Roxas72

    Birth by Sleep trailer on GT's top 100 trailers!

    Thought it was the other way around. Thanks for correcting me <3
  19. Roxas72

    Birth by Sleep trailer on GT's top 100 trailers!

    Oh, I'm not sure. But... It's like this; people know it's coming, but it hasn't really gotten an official announcement yet, has it?
  20. Roxas72

    Birth by Sleep trailer on GT's top 100 trailers!

    Don't worry about it man! It's easy to be misunderstood on text. If you'd heard me say it in my stupid funny voice, I'm sure you would have noticed it xD It's been mentioned lots of times. As I recall, didn't he once say that Kingdom Hearts III would end the Xeharnort saga? And that they would...