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    About Setzer

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    Everything Known About Drive Forms**SPOILERS**

    If not weaker or with penalties, this 'heartless' form certainly does seem to change - wether with time or with different worlds or something else, I'm not sure... Notice the pictures Niemand posted on page 2. Sora's icon at the bottom-right corner certainly looks like the shadow-Sora Riku...
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    The Organization or XIIth Order?

    In other words, the XIII ['Thirteenth'] Order and the Organization are one and the same. I prefer the XIII Order, for aesthetic reasons. Either is fine, though.
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    Re: Pa-Pa-Pa PASSION!!!! I feel almost hypocritical thanking you now :-) This song will most definitely go well with Kingdom Hearts 2. Thank you for the find, NarutoEXE.
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    The connection between Sora and BHK

    I don't usually reply to these theory threads, much less BHK threads, but something caught my eye. "Nomura said that the game starts of with you control the BHK.." Onewingedangel6, would you care to show WHERE Nomura said this?
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    Spanish (I think) translation

    Basically: "We hope we won't have to meet "Brother," the repulsive FF X-2 character, in a future KH. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of the few movies that could possibly fit nicely in a future Kingdom Hearts." "The maturity of the KH franchise can be seem perfectly meshing with Mickey...
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    Some BHK info from ME

    Why not object? After all theories are only proven NOT to be speculation when objections are made and...well...all that jazz. For one, you say because of all the information given, it's only logical the BHK's name is Sora. What information? You can't just say all of it, because not ALL of it is...
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    Anybody concerned about the voice actors?

    But you have to remember that the ingame characters are ALL grown. Hayden didn't sound anything like Kairi before, either, since many voice actors 'change' their voice. Haley Joel and David are older, but so are Sora and Riku. I still believe Haley Joel won't star in this one, either. He might...
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    Brave and Valor

    I thought... I mean.... I'm positively sure Nomura said the Japanese name for it was Mystic form. So....Braveness and Valor are almost the same thing... So....eh.
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    will they....

    Tender Heart gave me an idea: I'd like interacting spells. As in, use aero then use fire and instead of a whirlwind sphere around your body, you have...err....Sora has a shield of fire! Or maybe, with a water spell, Sora unleashes a tsunami-ish wave which hits all heartless in the area (but only...
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    What the...this doesn't make sense

    Kingdom Hearts WAS going to have a Disney Castle world, but they removed it for plot and game-wise reasons. They never removed the world beacuse, for one, it added that intrigue of "Yes! I'm going to go there!" and later you realise you never will, and secondly, people would ask "So how come...
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    i have a theory about this pic of Sora

    There IS a 'search' feature, you know? Other times...I wouldn't care..but some people just don't read... Ugh...
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    What Did Daisy Mean?

    I'm very very very sure... Donald meant "Take care of the quee-" "Of course..." You know? The two times I've played it...I'm sure he meant to say "And you'll take care of Minnie?"
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    A whole army lol!!

    I thought they weren't making a movie anymore.... Actually...i thought they weren't making a movie at all...
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    Dual Keyblades???

    And the Mystic form is the one where he Drives with Donald.
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    New Screens maybe?

    2nd: Yeah! Me and Ping here are out to fight, too! 4th: Riku, it was you!? 5th: You gotta tell me what that man in the black cloak said! 7th: Here we are in the Underworld, Herc. Enjoy your stay! 8th: I'm not a true hero! 9th: Can't summon all your strength here, can you?! 10th: Hey! You! Be...
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    what kind of pepole whould you like to fight in the coliseum!

    Actually, you CAN go on the stairs in the arena. I find it's much easier to defeat the ice titan that way.
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    jack sparow's world

    Who the heck is Jake?
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    just thought you might......

    Hey hey. If you spent 167 schmootches on this as such a big Kingdom Hearts fan...err...I'm sure you could afford to spend just a couple more to be able to play it? There's a special lens that you can put on the laser CD reader of your playstation 2 which will allow you to play import games...
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    Extra! Blonde protector of Sora may be--

    Yes, the whole of KH was about ethereal conections. However, they are NOT linked through different sides of the heart or as Sora being a shell and BHK being his heart or whatever. Besides which, Sora's hair still looked like Sora's hair when he was younger, and young Sora's clothes were a white...