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    site lag.

    im sorry to say this but this site is really slow when loading and posting. i dont know if it is just me, but the thing is, my connection is excellent, to all other sites with forums and downlaods and such. but this site loads everything alot slower, some attention must be brought to this...
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    Something i notticed about Xion

    the name of xion is kinda strange to me as well, like if u rearange the letters, and take out hte x, its ion, or noi or nio, the only one that ahs meaning to me is ion. and u know how hte names of all hte peeps in this game have a meaning, sora=sky or simething, ion could mean particles, dna, or...
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    one question.

    alright its been, almost a year since ive last been active. wel maybe not a year, but quite some time. and ive noticed that some of the people that i have encountered back then are still active, such as charge. he used to have a bunch of exclamation marks and stuff at hte end or something. but...
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    ring on the 4th finger, chinese explanation

    I was skimming through a few books in my english classroom and looked into a few books about the chinese. in one chapter, it gave an explanation on why the ring goes on the 4th finger. I am not sure whether or not anybody on this site knows about this explanation but i will post it anyways for...
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    Mystery Girl Theory

    If her face was covered, and im pretty the cloak covered hte rest of her, why were people talking about her skin tone? ^That was said by Lexeon^
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    Mystery Girl Theory

    It would be a nobody because organization 13/14 is made up of nobodies. Also, Nomaru has said that it wasn't Namine who is hte 14th. And could somebody PM me a URL of a pic of the 14th member, I am getting a feeling as though you have all seen a picture of the 14th. Please and thank you =]
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    BBS Final boss not MX?

    im thinking that itll be like a twist, maybe nomaru took a page from m night shamalon's(sp?) books and added a twist, maybe hte last boss is Ven and aqua?WHAT A TWIST! lol
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    Card System in BBS, Yay or Nay?

    i would rahter like to see a whole different way of playing, and since it is on the PSP, i beleive that it should be more like k2, not kh CoM. PSP is alot more advanced and has so many features that could help the gameplay, it would be a waste of a system not to utilize them.
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    why would Xemnas change the name?

    Organization 14 had, well 14 members. but from what happened in the other games, such as CoM and KH2, the members who were defeated did not result in the changing of the name. it stayed org 13. so many members were defeated in CoM but hte name didn't change. But since there were 14 members and...
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    The Rules of The Keyblade Bearers and Masters, possibly shown in BBS?

    im thinking that Terra didnt abide by this rule. he just did what sora did and went to other worlds and tried not to be a loner. the reason that that rule came up was because of the chaos that happened before and then he decided that the keybladers should stop interfering or something like that.
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    Master Xenahort = Braig/Xigbar! (theory of course)

    ... uh, MX has no hair, and his beard is silver, or WHITE, because he is old
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    something that has to do with Terra and Axel

    see i think that axel is his own person, like a nobody of a somebody, not terra though. i think terra is connected with the actual main enemies, xehenort and nobody and heartless.
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    Kingdom hearts 358/2 Days HORRIBLE FRAMERATES!?

    i think that this game is just in earlly developments!!! the framerates will be good but it will take some time.
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    Fanfiction ► ~ Lycian Wolfe's Official Poetry Thread ~

    wow, angels fall is amazing, great work. lovely poems Lycian.
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    358/2 days screenshots

    im thinking that we cant play as 14th because she is new and probably one of the enemies we have to defeat because shes a traitor or something? i uno.
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    Help/Support ► Help... Please

    probably will go away, ur probably jsut attracted to him, but if you like the way he acts now, why do you not like him anymore? is he still with the girlfreind or something?
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    my thoughts on Ven's/Sora's/Roxas' hearts

    its not a rule that prohibits me from posting m thoughts in my own thread now is there?
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    my thoughts on Ven's/Sora's/Roxas' hearts

    i posted my theory like a minute or so before it got closed, and if i didnt get a chance to post it there, which i did because it had something to do with ven and roxas looking the same, i would still have made this thread about it. i didnt steal your theory, it is just MY thoughts on ven and...
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    my thoughts on Ven's/Sora's/Roxas' hearts

    because i thought that making an actual thread about my theory would be more acknowledged and responded to and in posts, sometimes posts are ignored.
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    my thoughts on Ven's/Sora's/Roxas' hearts

    the reason that Roxas looks like ven and why sora had Ven's heart in him along with kairi's and his own. i think that maybe terra guided the heart of Ven to sora or something when he was at destiny islands watching riku and sora play. i think that Terra gave Sora Ven's heartless and Nobody...