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    Vampires vs. Werewolves

    I finished the Twilight series ( by Stephanie Meyer). So for fans of the book, I guess, it's Team Cullen or Team Black/Quilute. Personally I like vampires better.
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    Ouija Boards

    Up until now, I've been deathly afraid of Ouija boards. But now I'm up for it, of course I'm gong to ask my friends to do it with me, as I'm still a bit nervous. HAs anyone here used one and have some tips for a new user?
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    Old Greg

    Old Greg - Youtube Ha. My best guy friend sent it to me over aim. Enjoy. ♥Sam
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    Oi Vey

    ...Or however you spell it. The point is. I haven't been on. But life's been busy between school, family, my birthday, yadda yadda yah...
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    Huh? What?

    What did I miss? I'm trying to get back into RPing. Not as much as I used to, but I will try every so often. :D
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    I'm baaaaack!

    God, I haven't been on in a while.... anyway I left because of-- big shocker-- I have even more crap in my life now than ever. My mom's best friend died, my parents learned that the kids a school told me to kill my self and now I'm in a new school. So, has anything changed at all?
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    Fifth Temprano Feliz de Mayo

    Happy (early) Cinco de Mayo! Wh-hoo!
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    Just Making It Offical

    I'm not RPing anymore . (Not like I role-played much since I was MischeifMaker) I may or may not active in the very few RPs I am in already. I have grown tired of role-playing. Well, I might join a few here and there. Heck, I might not even come to the site that much either. The only thing that...
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    Fanfiction ► LYL - TTYL/TTFN Fan Fic

    **DISCLAIMER: If you have not read/finished TTFN, there are some spoilers. This will take place in IM-format, but not always. Chapter One Saturday, May 22 1:32PM SnowAngel: zoe! zoegirl: angela! SnowAngel: this is horrible! just horrible! *rips out hair* zoegirl: what? zoegirl: ANGELA...
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    Favorite Baseball Team, and Favorite Person on the Team

    Okay, so yeah: Which MLB team is your favorite, and who is your favorite person on the team. For me.... The Phillies are my favorite, and Chase Utley is my favorite player.
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    who are the three knights?

    Technicly(sp?), it was Riku who was chosen. Hence the whole "You were just the delivery boy." line in KH1. Riku gave it up in Destiny Islands when he opened his heart to darkness. Sora was the one with the second strongest heart. It was already confirmed, they are defninatly not Sora Riku and...
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    Omg I"m Perggy!

    i'm lil miss preggers ccause i have 15 sets of twins and a ninja in me!
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    Confusion..Organization 13 theory

    Holy crap! Are you saying you actually beleive Demyx when he said that?! It's obvious he was lying!!!
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    Bigger Image of Sora's "NEW" Keyblade

    Re: Sora and Goofy's new weapons sora's keyblade rocks HARD but i cant see goofy's :(
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    ~The Sims 2~

    Yeah there fanclubs for other VGs((**coughZeldacough**))...but not the Sims....thatI know of! o.O;; Members: Me!
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    Help/Support ► Need dating advice like now

    what was your punishment from the teachers...or did they not care you beat the sh*t out of a dude XD
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    Hayner, Pence, Olette!

    because they are his best friends! wouldnt you call for your friends when you need help?
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    Panic! At The Disco

    P!ATD rocks! I just got into itfor two reasons: I've listened to I Write Sins Not Tradgeties, and my teacher made us all bring in songs that we like play it, hand out lyrics and explain our choice, and my friend picked There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Havent...
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    new gba KH

    not if it fails then they WONT make it backl
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    does anyone here like saturday night live on NBC?