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    just rumor I tried it did not work
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    Terra=Earth, Ven=wind, Aqua=Water, Sora=Sky

    It might not of made a impact on KH1 KH2 Or KH com but norman saide it affects the new ones
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    Terra=Earth, Ven=wind, Aqua=Water, Sora=Sky

    I was on a naruto websie and I saw that one of the Akaske members had a ring they saide the color and it saide Sora (sky) just a theriy so maby Sora is sky of somthen
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    Kingdom Herts Door to Twlight RPG

    Yo everyone it is not compet but I am working on a RPG string Riku and Roxas :thumbsup: give me some ides i am stuk and if there are any other RPG maker XP users send me a mesege
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    Facorite Heartless?

    Just like the titel what is your favorite hertless and why? My favorite is Neo shaodow i think it just looks asome:thumbsup:
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    14 organization member

    It wolud be cool if it was Aqua
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    Riku vs Leon

    Who do you think wold win in a mach I think Leon what do you think:confused:
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    Fanfiction ► Twlight Knight

    thanks and i did do spell chek hmm... beter chek it agine I will post more soon
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    Fanfiction ► Twlight Knight

    This is my first fanfiction tell me if you like it:thumbsup: It is relly short and there is a lot more Chapter1: the kid with the green glowing eyes My life my life am Riku and I am turned thirteen. I live in a town called Terra town. My life got completely messed up. It all stared it...