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    Has an anime ever made u cry

    I didn't think that i'd get emotional over a cartoon but a few days ago I watched Tenchi Universe and at the last episode I started to cry:cry: only a little bit. I mean it was a real emotinal episode. also tell which anime it is
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    bring old toonami back

    toonami shows a lot of crap now. Their old shows like ronin warriors gundam and dbz were way better. they should run the old toonami on sunday at 4 or around that time. all they show on CN now is camp lazlo and ed edd n eddyseriously:thumbdown: .if anyone knows their adress let me knowso i can...
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    best anime fight

    cell vs gohan:thumbsup: yuske vs youn taguru
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    Blacks in anime

    I wanna know why almost each time i see a black charecter in anime they have those weird pink wormy lips and be black as night. Even though i'am black i'm not that dark. i not trying to sound racist or anything i just wanna know why they draw blacks like that:confused:
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    Worst dub series

    I say one piece cause they skipped a lot of story arcs. luffy sounds annoying and took the guns and made them look like water guns. naruto is ok even if the don't show all the blood.the only thing I don't like is when naruto says BELIVE IT!
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    what was your first anime?

    I think it was voltron or dragon ball.Toonami was what really got me in to anime. also explain how you got into anime.
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    old toonami

    back in the days when it was good I loved it. now I just be watching it when they show a movie. I miss all of the old shows. reboot ,DBZ ,Ronin warriors ,thunder cats zoids ,gundam.I miss tom 2 and moltar.:unsure: what would be your ideal toonami show schedule?
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    toonami anime or adult swim

    in the old days toonami had great shows but now not so much. now thew only talk about naruto.adult swim has way better dubs and shows all the content.
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    Name favorite character and why.

    Goofy.he's the funny one and he always tries to be positive even in the hardest spots.also he helps me in battle more.In kh2 it seemed as though he was the smartest of the group. Don't lie sora and donald were clueless almost all game.:closedeyes:
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    Ther's someone missing

    sora has riku and kairi. donald has his nephews and daisy.and king mickey has minney. But who does goofy have? no one. he has a son named Max, but still they didn't but him in there.If you don't know who that is look at a goofy movie or goof troop.whether he was a kid or not in the game would...
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    Make a skin and cheat code skin for sora

    you know when you go to halloween town you wear a costume. Well wouldn't it be great if you could have it on all the time.:) Describe a costume for sora based on one of the worlds charecters or whatever.Example sora wears his kh cloths but they fit.
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    Make a side quest

    Besides making the ultima weapon what would your side quest be.Mines would be find a cure for the sick lion cubs cubs in the pridelands.the prize simba as a summon like in kh1.:thumbsup:
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    its something so soimple that they didn't do. all the maps were narrow. you couldn't play with anything or never got lost lost:cursing: .traverse town was fun and big to play in.all they have to do is take down some of those invisible walls so they could add more chest that are hidden.What...
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    Do you think any dub was beeter than the original

    I know some of the animes be having bad voices like one piece the new season of pokemon and other,but somtimes the dub seems better with our VA's.:nahnah: bleach has a good dub yu yu haksho trigun wolf's rain samurai champloo hellsing sound good to me.Do you guys think any american dub animes...
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    what would it be like if donald and goofy transfomed in to a human

    ther are lots of pics as them as humans. donald usually has silver hair and goofy is still tall but evn though he's human he still has those dog ears on.I know they wouldn't have them like this in the game but they would fit in with everybody in the worlds more that has humans.
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    best american voice actor

    mine is the guy that does mugen's voice in samurai champloo. he make it good to here american voices over japanese cartoons.:thumbsup:
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    how do you get the parodox cups?

    I thought I had to have my drives and summons to 7 but I don't see any new cups.:mellow:
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    Favorite, Easiest Hardest Organization fight

    favorite xaldin :) easiest axel hardest xaldin:cursing:
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    titan cup help

    i know your suppose to keep youe hit points from reaching 0 but i keep getting beat up in the semi finals round.:cursing: should I level up more I'm at 42. this is the reguler cup not the parodox cup.
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    New donald and goofy

    It would be a lot better if they could do regular combos like sora. also they need some new cloths. sora got new cloths. its time for donald and goofy to get some. also It would be nice if they could spread out and take orders from sora like goofy backup sora and donald go forward or something...