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    Interesting Video

    I came across this video concerning KH II FM and CoM. I wish I knew Japanese, but it seems as though CoM will be available for PS2??? I don't know, but the video is cool in itself. MySpace Videos: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix + Preview by FaUx HaWk xAng3lx
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    Maleficient ...

    If this has already been posted please feel free to delete this thread. Whatever happened to Maleficient and Pete? Is it possible Maleficient will have a somewhat prominent role in KH III (if there is going to be one)? This was something that was stuck in my mind.
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    Whatever happened to Yen Sid?

    I was wondering the same thing. Maybe this will have something to do with a potential KH III.
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    Different Modes

    What difference does it make if you play on "Proud" mode? Are there new scenes? I'm just a bit confused. Thank you! :D
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    I had no clue that there was a Final Mix version for KH I. From what I have seen concerning KH II Final Mix there is a lot of substance there that I would love to explore. How come S.E. does not make the amount of bosses, etc. the same across the board for all countries? This is very...