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    Ragnarok Rp

    This is the after the Apocalypse the evil Valkyries are looking for the powers that the gods hid away. If that power is obtained the people who find it will become the worlds new leaders or leading power. Those who are also said to poses it will also obtain power beyond that of the gods. The...
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    Ok i dont get it? *Spoilers Possible*

    I think they oly know like a part of sora....you know the one they knew...Roxas Any way I think I know who Diz is and why he's with Ansem
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    for those who have the game......

    Yeah in a way hollow bastion is like a new traverse town....it has all the needs
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    I really like the story on the manga the anime I'm not too sure about
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    Teen Titans futureRP

    OK this is way after all that crap on the Cartoon network one. This take place during the time when Starfire went to the future. This is that futre now. So u could say Robin is now Night Wing and all of that. Rules: 1: no god like creating u have to have a weakness. 2: have to use totally new...