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    Defeating Boss in Anti-Form?

    Yea it is possible but is probably very tedious. Though I have seen it done before in a youtube vid... sorry i dont have the link.
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    I feel pathetic for saying this, but i stocked up on cloud cards, because his sleight owns! Also use alot off Zero cards otherwise you'll lose everytime. Hope i helped, and good luck! :thumbup:
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    kingdom hearts 2 final mix

    Nope only thing that will work is a Swap Magic, but liek they said whit for the greatest hits version of KHIIFM+ to come out, it'll save you money. =3
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    kingdom hearts 2 final mix

    Buy a Swap Magic, i got mine from ModShopPlace PS2 Coder / Swap Magic Special 3.8 (NTSC)! Covetime I got mine about a week after the purchase of it. Anyway hope i helped! =3
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    Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix+ for America..

    So was i but i got over it and now i have the game but cant play it TT_TT oh well @ Keyweilder92 hello to you too ^^
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    Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix+ for America..

    Hey i have a question if i were to rip FM+ to my PC and play it on an emulator is that illegeal? btw i would keep the game. Also i know it aint coming but i am just curious when you first heard about it when if ever did you think it would come out? Thanks in advance!
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    could this happen?

    i was just thinking it'd be cool if he was like a secret boss or something or you went through the lingering spirit event of FM+ which havent been through yet because i have FM+ but need swap magic. :cursing: Well anyway thanks for posting:thumbsup: and sorry for going off topic
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    release date [not video games....]

    well whaddya know there exspected be sold this month here is the official site ^^ Kingdom Hearts TCG hope this helps also watch the tutorial video i LOLed so hard
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    could this happen?

    We all know Sora fought Terra in FM+ well to do that wouldn't Sora have to travel back in time to actually get to Terra and would it alter the events in BBS and why would Terra just happen to be there my list of questions goes on and on one more thing i think Terra was at that place because...
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    Release Date of KH2 Final Mix+

    I dont really care if it comes out in the US but if it did i would buy it even though my copy i imported a couple weeks ago just got here today but i cant play it :cursing:...... but there is no chance it is coming to the US Sorry it just isnt going to happen.
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    I am gonna import it but i need help

    Same here i know i am getting swap magic coder because you can use action replay max codes with it but i need to be able to get it and FM+ both for under $120, but every site i go to has one or the other not both! i am glad that i am not the only one who has this question.^^ good luck! WOULD...
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    I am gonna import it but i need help

    Like the title says i am gonna order KHIIFM+ this weekend but i want to know where you can find it for less than $75.00 plus which swap magic is better the original swap magic or the swap magic coder?? :confused: Thanks in advance^^
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    Square Enix seeking US publishing partner

    Report: Square Enix seeking US publishing partner "Worried" by lagging PS3 sales, the Final Fantasy publisher looking for help to raise non-Japanese revenues by 50 percent, says the Financial Times. By Tor Thorsen, GameSpot Posted Sep 24, 2007 10:19 pm PT Square Enix is an institution in Japan...
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    Kingdom Hearts coded on mobile phones?

    Ok i was wondering how are they gonna be able to make a full fledge 3-D game for mobile phones without it being chock full of glitches? plus do you think this game could be for the rumored Playstation Phone? Also wouldnt you think it would be better on the PSP or DS if a plays an important...
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    Last chance for real KHIIFM+ information?

    Same with me and that is something that keeps me hoping for it but face it SE shafted us.
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    Does anyone still play mugen???????????????????????????????????????? also if you don't know wat mugen is it is a 2D fighting engine but you add your own characters stages and music title you pretty much can make your own game here is where you can download it no limit winmugen patch also if...
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    please answer my question

    Hey i was just wanting to know if after you beat the Data battles the first time can you battle them again?, the reason why i am asking this is because i am about to import FM+ in a few days and i get bored after i beat games and was hoping that i can re battle them after beating them in the...
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    i need.....

    So do i it is for a emulator but it is illegal if you don't own the game, but i own it so i have nothing to worry about
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    What level?

    99 on KH1, 56 on KH:COM, and 49 on KH2!
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    There is a slim chance but we still have not gotten a yes or no so just wait and see.