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    ven & ds:not friends!

    theres been a lot of speculation that ven could be friends with the dark soldier,i think its kinda stupid alot of people on these forums flame theories with some to great evidence supporting them and its funny when theres absolutely no evidence they support it.back to my theory or...
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    Big connections:kiari,ansem & aqua.

    we have already figured by now that the names of ven,aqua,& terra are connected to sora,riku,and kiari but we can't understand why-we can only try such as how people have done the roxas=vens heart+ sora theories and the terra chose riku not sora, as the next keyblade master but how can we try...
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    New vens heart + sora + KIARI=roxas connection?!?

    Ok heres a whole new theory on the connection between roxas and ven [i know your sorta baffled that i threw kiari in there but just hear this one out] Well in the leaked bbs video we see a 4 year old sora[he's 14 in kingdom hearts 1],and a 5[he's 15 in kingdom hearts 1] year old riku playing on...
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    Aqua,ven,terra VS mx & ds!

    We all know all these speculations and theories can not be proven or confirmed yet but theres one thing that 99.9% is and thats that in kingdom hearts:birth by sleep master xehanort and the dark soldier are bosses BUT the big twist is that theres 3 scenarios with the main antagonist: 1)ven...
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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    yeah but the DS shoots lightning at terra who is friends with ven and then he shoots ice at ven and aqua while running but i don't know,i dont think their friends.i think the erase me part is at the end of the game and its aqua he ask because their the last two.
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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    now why on earth would ven call the DS friend if he attacked ven,terra,and aqua plus MX and the DS are the main antagonist ,theres no way...i think its aqua not the ds,the ds is with mx who almost killed ven!can someone use some logical thinking lol
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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    aqua has a similar style just shorter and even if riku was standing on a hill it couldnt be him,because he "says erase me" to a friend and i doubt its riku,i think its aqua.
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    BBS: Clues in Wardrobe

    good find with the whole "wristband" thing man!!!this just proves more and more that ven and roxas have a connection.and for the goodness sake lets correct something guys:roxas looks like ven-ven doesnt look like roxas!So if roxas has a wristband on remember ven had it first because this is a...
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    KHIII Final times!!!

    Hey everyone!!!Namura has stated that soras story is not over and though extremely far away BBS,358/2,& coded are leading up to the grand finally of our Favorite game series of all!!! I would just like your thoughts or some theories on what do you expect or what would you like to see in the...
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    Keyblades in BBS

    in the BBS video at the end it says "the fate of all does not occur by chance" that states that whoever has the keyblade is meant to have it i suppose and everything that happens is meant to so their are no mistakes in who has the keyblade.
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    Could this person be the DS?!?

    I'm talking about "SAIIX' one of the nobodies in organazation 13.there is some evidence to support my theory such as his resemblance to xehanort(hair,pointy ears,eye color,and not to mention he could basically surf on his berserker thing.He also to have said to be in the "war along time of...
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    MX,VEN,TERRA HUGE Theory!!

    First i'd like to say,I'm new to these forums so please dont scold me for some of my mistakes or things other people might have said before,this is just a theory on what i believe about the next kingdom hearts. Everyone knows there is a new leaked bbs video and even one with subtitles,well i...
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    Riku and eye color meaning

    Is it me or in the KH1 hearts clip when riku is a child and him & sora enter the cave on the islands his eyes are completely blue,but before they leave the cave and he looks back at the door with the big 'key hole',his eyes are actually green?someone made a thread about the meaning to eye...
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    theory where keyblades went true?

    Someone made a theory about each of the keyblades going somewhere.That terra chose riku(which went down to sora),ventus(ven) then choose riku to weild the "KEY BLADE FROM DAWN" as the keyblade of light went to sora,and aqua didnt have time so it went to the realm of darkness where king mikey...
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    mikey on the key chain?

    The chasers and weilders of all the keybaldes are the original heros but on the main keyblades keychains(soras and the inverse from the realm of darkness)both have a keychain with "king mikeys" emble on it.Is there a purpose to this?